Discover 100+ Spaceship Vocabulary In Japanese + Favorite Space Animes


Would you like to express your enthusiasm about space in Japanese? Or enjoy a space anime without subtitles? Then, learn the spaceship vocabulary in Japanese here!

Are you obsessed with astronomy and space? No one can blame you as the universe 宇宙 (uchū) is a magical yet mysterious place. You’ve undoubtedly watched countless documentaries and movies about space, and I bet you know space terms inside out. Why don’t you learn them in the Japanese language as well?

Think about explaining your ideas about space in Japanese! People will find you very interesting with your astronomy knowledge and fluent Japanese! And to do that, you should know space and spaceship vocabulary in Japanese.

I’m going to provide you with a comprehensive Japanese vocabulary list about space and share my favorite space-themed animes with you as a bonus at the end of this blog post!

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JAXA logo - Spaceship Vocabulary In Japanese


JAXA: The Japanese Space Program

Before anything else, briefly introducing the Japanese space program, JAXA, would be ideal. JAXA is basically the NASA of Japan.

Before the 1960s, there were two space organizations in Japan, the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS) and the National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA), which were capable of developing their own rockets. However, after facing numerous failures between the 1990s and 2000s, those two space programs gathered under a single roof and formed the unified Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in 2003.

One of the most prominent accomplishments of JAXA is that they have accumulated vast amounts of technology and expertise through their human space programs —such as the Japanese Experiment Module “Kibo” and transfer vehicle “KOUNOTORI”—and its robotic missions with science probes, including Hayabusa, Hayabusa2, and KAGUYA.


Planets In Japanese

The Japanese word for planet is 惑星 (wakusei), but what about the other planets? You can learn them in the list below!

Earth地球Chikyuu[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]地球[/Speechword]
Mercury水星Suisei[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]水星[/Speechword]
Venus金星Kinsei[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]金星[/Speechword]
Mars火星Kasei[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]火星[/Speechword]
Jupiter木星Mokusei[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]木星[/Speechword]
Saturn土星Dosei[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]土星[/Speechword]
Uranus天王星Tennousei[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]天王星[/Speechword]
Neptune海王星Kaiousei[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]海王星[/Speechword]
Pluto冥王星Meiousei[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]冥王星[/Speechword]


Spaceship Vocabulary In Japanese

This list includes all the cool astronomy terms you hear in documentaries but this time in Japanese!

spacecraft宇宙船uchuusen [Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]宇宙船[/Speechword]
space suit宇宙服uchuufuku[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]宇宙服[/Speechword]
acceleration加速kasoku[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]加速[/Speechword]
aerodynamics空力kūryoku[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]空力[/Speechword]
dangerous危険なkikenna[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]危険な[/Speechword]
dustほこりhokori[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]ほこり[/Speechword]
particles粒子ryūshi[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]粒子[/Speechword]
rays光線kōsen[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]光線[/Speechword]
ultraviolet light紫外線shigaisen[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]紫外線[/Speechword]
alienエイリアンmu jūryoku[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]エイリアン[/Speechword]
zero gravity無重力mu jūryoku[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]無重力[/Speechword]
hydrogen水素suiso[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]水素[/Speechword]
engineerエンジニアenjinia[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]エンジニア[/Speechword]
unstable不安定fuantei[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]不安定[/Speechword]
intergalactic銀河間gingakan[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]銀河間[/Speechword]
interplanetary惑星間wakuseikan[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]惑星間[/Speechword]
interstellar星間hoshikan[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]星間[/Speechword]
altitude高度kōdo[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]高度[/Speechword]
astronaut宇宙飛行士uchū hikōsh[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]宇宙飛行士[/Speechword]
crew乗組員norikumīn[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]乗組員[/Speechword]
equipment機器kiki[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]機器[/Speechword]
exploration探査tansa[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]探査[/Speechword]
impactインパクトinpakuto[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]インパクト[/Speechword]
unknown未知なるものmichi naru mono[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]未知なるもの[/Speechword]
oxygen酸素sanso[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]酸素[/Speechword]
communicationコミュニケーションkomyunikēshon[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]コミュニケーション[/Speechword]
centrifugal force遠心力enshinryoku[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]遠心力[/Speechword]
gravity重力jūryoku[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]重力[/Speechword]
space shuttleスペースシャトルsupēsushatoru[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]スペースシャトル[/Speechword]
navigationナビゲーションnabigēshon[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]ナビゲーション[/Speechword]
space station宇宙ステーションuchū sutēshon[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]宇宙ステーション[/Speechword]
technologyテクノロジーtekunorojī[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]テクノロジー[/Speechword]
temperature温度ondo[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]温度[/Speechword]
speed of light光の速度hikari no sokudo[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]光の速度[/Speechword]
radiation放射線hōshasen[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]放射線[/Speechword]
astronomer天文学者tenmongakusha[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]天文学者[/Speechword]
landing着陸chakuriku[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]着陸[/Speechword]
craterクレーターkurētā[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]クレーター[/Speechword]
sample標本hyōhon[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]標本[/Speechword]
extraterrestrial地球外chikyūgai[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]地球外[/Speechword]
laboratory実験室jikkenshitsu[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]実験室[/Speechword]
moduleモジュールmojūru[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]モジュール[/Speechword]
engineそのエンジンsono enjin[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]そのエンジン[/Speechword]
objective目的mokuteki[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]目的[/Speechword]
unidentified flying object未確認の飛行物体mi kakunin no hikō buttai[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]未確認の飛行物体[/Speechword]
journeytabi[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]旅[/Speechword]
physicist物理学者butsuri gakusha[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]物理学者[/Speechword]
satellite衛星eisei[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]衛星[/Speechword]
scientist科学者kagakusha[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]科学者[/Speechword]
telescope望遠鏡bōenkyō[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]望遠鏡[/Speechword]
spaceship宇宙船uchūsen[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]宇宙船[/Speechword]
analysis解析kaiseki[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]解析[/Speechword]
light year光年kōnen[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]光年[/Speechword]
anomaly異常ijō[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]異常[/Speechword]
collision衝突shōtotsu[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]衝突[/Speechword]
discovery発見hakken[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]発見[/Speechword]
rocketロケットroketto[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]ロケット[/Speechword]
mission使命shimei[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]使命[/Speechword]
space shuttleスペースシャトルsupēsushatoru[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]スペースシャトル[/Speechword]
launchpad発射台hasshadai[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]発射台[/Speechword]
probeプローブpurōbu[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]プローブ[/Speechword]
turbulence乱気流rankiryū[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]乱気流[/Speechword]


Japanese Space Vocabulary

This list includes the common space vocabulary in the Japanese language.

black holeブラックホールburakku hooru[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]ブラックホール[/Speechword]
milky way天の川ama no gawa[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]天の川[/Speechword]
universe宇宙uchuu[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]宇宙[/Speechword]
alien宇宙人uchuujin[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]宇宙人[/Speechword]
astronomy天文学tenmongaku[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]天文学[/Speechword]
void of space宇宙空間uchuukuukan[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]宇宙空間[/Speechword]
comet彗星suisei[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]彗星[/Speechword]
asteroid小惑星shouwakusei[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]小惑星[/Speechword]
starhoshi[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]星[/Speechword]
meteor流星ryuusei[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]流星[/Speechword]
meteor shower流星群ryuuseigun[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]流星群[/Speechword]
moontsuki[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]月[/Speechword]
sun太陽taiyou[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]太陽[/Speechword]
solar system太陽系taiyoukei[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]太陽系[/Speechword]
atmosphere大気taiki[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]大気[/Speechword]
gravity重力juuryoku[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]重力[/Speechword]
galaxy銀河ginga[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]銀河[/Speechword]
orbit軌道kidou[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]軌道[/Speechword]
satellite衛星eisei[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]衛星[/Speechword]
man-made satellite人工衛星jinkoueisei[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]人工衛星[/Speechword]
eclipseshoku[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]食[/Speechword]
meteoroid隕石inseki[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]隕石[/Speechword]
light year光年kounen[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]光年[/Speechword]
constellation星座seiza[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]星座[/Speechword]
atmosphere雰囲気funiki[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]雰囲気[/Speechword]
big bangビッグバンbigguban[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]ビッグバン[/Speechword]
cosmosコスモスkosumosu[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]コスモス[/Speechword]
rings of Saturn土星の輪dosei no wa[Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]土星の輪[/Speechword]


Favorite Space-Themed Animes

Since we’re talking about space, I want to share my favorite two animes about space! If you can’t decide what to watch nowadays, check these out!

Uchuu Kyoudai anime - Spaceship Vocabulary In Japanese

1. Uchuu Kyoudai (Space Brothers)

Aired: 2012

UFO sightings have become more common nowadays, and most people believe that we’re probably not the only intelligent lifeform in the entire universe.

Space Brothers discusses the phenomenon of UFOs in a humorous style. The anime is about two brothers, Mutta and Hibito Namba, who deal with life’s usual ups and downs and pursue their dream of becoming astronauts.

Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu anime - Spaceship Vocabulary In Japanese

2. Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (Legend of the Galactic Heroes)

Aired: 1988

Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu is a controversial anime because some fans believe it’s the best thing after the block-busting Star Wars franchise, while others find it overrated.

Honestly, I consider myself in the first group. Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu is a deep and sophisticated space anime that requires you to become totally invested in its lore so that you can appreciate it.

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Until next time, じゃあまたね!

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