Father’s Day In Japanese: 5+ Powerful Ways To Show Your Love

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How do you say Father’s Day in Japanese? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you! But before that, let’s discover some interesting facts about Father’s Day in Japan. Every third Sunday of June, you can expect father figures across Japan to be treated with family time, popular gifts, and a hearty wish from loved ones: “Itsumo arigatou!” (いつも ありがとう) which means “Thank you always!” in English. 

Celebrating Father’s Day, otherwise known as chichi No Hi (父の日) in Japan, is a momentous occasion when Japanese men become the stars of the show on Father’s Day. So if you have a Japanese father or just want to know how Japanese culture celebrates this holiday, keep reading! 

When Is Father’s Day Celebrated In Japan?

The exact date of Father’s Day in Japan changes every year, but you can always count on it falling on the third Sunday of June. This day is all about showing appreciation and gratitude for Japanese fathers and father figures. Just like in other countries, Father’s Day sometimes gets overshadowed by Mother’s Day. Don’t worry, dads of the world—you’re all awesome, too!

Japanese Father’s Day Gifts Ideas

Japanese people celebrate Father’s Day with great excitement, appreciation, and love. Whether it’s for their own father, someone considered to be a father figure or someone else’s father, you can bet no one will go unnoticed when it’s time to give out gifts! 

Funnily enough, it seems like a common problem across countries: people just don’t know what to buy for fathers. Trust me on this, though: don’t overthink it! You can take the pain out of any gift-giving occasion, even on Father’s Day, by choosing something heartfelt, even if it’s just treating dad to premium brews, writing nice messages on greeting cards, or spending quality time with you.

Check out the list below for popular gifts handed out in Japan and an assortment of ideas you can also use as a useful guide for shopping for a Father’s Day gift!

  1. Alcohol: A Father’s Day gift typically includes alcohol, like a local sake or shochu (an indigenous alcoholic beverage). Of course, the rarer, the better! Bottles, especially limited edition versions, of alcohol you can’t find at just any old store show consideration and effort for a unique gift. Read more on this guide for interesting sakes made for gift giving, including limited edition versions.

  2. Beef: Gifting gourmet foods on Father’s Day is a popular option, and giving one’s father a bunch of Japanese beef steaks, or tasty wagyu, is quickly becoming a staple in Japanese households. This beef, made from Matsuzaka, Kobe, and Yonezawa beef, is considered to be highly expensive to match the high quality that can help dad stay healthy (or just a bit healthier) if he wants to munch into some red meat.

  3. Here’s a cute idea: Make your dad a homemade origami gift with your own hands! Look at this guide on creating a shirt and tie origami foldable. You can even include a thoughtful note to display gratitude for this kind Father’s Day gift. Kawaii!
japanese doll Father's Day gift

How Do You Say Happy Father’s Day In Japanese?

The formal and literal version of saying Happy Father’s Day In Japanese is 父の日 おめでとう (chichino hi omedetou). However, there are better ways to express appreciation on Father’s Day in Japanese! Let’s go through some phrases you can use, especially for the father figure in your life.

  1. 家族の ために いつも 頑張ってくれてありがとう。 (kazoku no tameni itsumo ganbatte kurete arigatou!) – “Thank you for always working so hard for our family.”

  2. 体に 気を付けて ください。(Karada ni ki wo tsukete kudasai.) – “Please take care of yourself.”

  3. お父さんがいてくれてとても感謝しています。(Otousan ga itekurete totemo kansha shiteimasu.) – “We are very thankful to have you.”

  4. 健康でいてください(kenkou de itekudasai.) – “Please stay healthy.”

  5. お父さんに会いたいです。(otousann ni aitai desu.) – “I miss you, dad.”

Let’s take a look at some vocabulary related to Father’s Day that will be useful when this holiday rolls around!

Father’s Day父 の 日Chichi No Hi
I love you愛してるAishiteru

Frequently Asked Questions About Father’s Day In Japan

1. Is It Otousan Or Chichi?

If you’ve ever heard from a native Japanese speaker or watched anime in Japanese, you might have noticed a few different ways a father can be addressed. The word otosan is a general word for father that you can use for your own father and anyone else’s, whereas chichi specifically means “my father.” The more you know!

2. How Do You Say Father In Japanese Slang?

We’ve already covered otousan and chichi, but there are actually a few other ways to say father in Japanese. For example, otouchan is closer to the English “dad” or “daddy,” and oyaji is a word typically used by older men to address their fathers, which is an informal, yet still appropriate, word for father. Papa is also used as a way to say father, though is typically only used by children.

3. How Do Japanese People Celebrate Father’s Day?

Of course, with great enthusiasm! Japanese people love to show appreciation for father figures in their lives with plenty of gifts and activities. Expect a fun-filled day of quality time that emphasizes family, togetherness, and edible gifts.

Wrapping Up

Look at you! You made it to the end of this post, so that must mean you’re ready to celebrate Father’s Day in Japanese like a pro! If you want to learn Japanese, it would be useful to explore the language even more. Try to expand your vocabulary and learn new grammar structures so you can communicate even better with Japanese people.

Also, a good idea: read more culture-of blog posts centered around Japan, like this one about fun things to do in Osaka, over on our very own Ling blog. There’s so much out there for you to learn about Japan and the Japanese language, and it’s all waiting for you.

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