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Who doesn’t like hearing compliments? We all do! But giving compliments isn’t limited to your native language. Let’s learn how to give compliments in Japanese in today’s blog post!

Being humble is important in Japanese culture so make sure you don’t praise someone too much and try to use kind words when giving compliments in the Japanese language. If you don’t know any Japanese compliments other than saying “かわいい (kawaii)” all the time, you’re reading the right article.

In this article, you’ll learn different Japanese phrases to give compliments to a Japanese person and also how to receive a compliment in a humble way, just like the Japanese people do.

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Complimenting To Someone’s Appearance

Do you know a pretty Japanese girl or boy and want to let them know how good-looking they are? Here are some beautiful Japanese compliments to make them smile!

By the way, avoid giving compliments to someone you’ve just met or someone who is a stranger to you. Because no offense but you may look creepy.

Compliments In Japanese - Pretty Japanese woman

1. She Is Very Beautiful. (Kanojo Wa Totemo Bijin Desu Ne)

Japanese: 彼女はとても美人ですね。

If you’re referring to someone else you should say 彼女 (kanojo) as it means “she”. If you’re referring to the person you’re talking to, you should say あなた (anata) which means “you” in Japanese. You can also use きれい (kirei) instead of 美人 (bijin) but 美人 (bijin) is a more common compliment.

2. He Is Handsome. (Kare Wa Kakkoii Desu Ne)

Japanese: 彼はかっこいいですね

Japanese people usually use “かっこいい (kakkoii)” when they’re talking about a handsome man. It actually means cool but it also refers to a good-looking guy. However, you can also use the loanword “ハンサム (hansamu)” to talk about a handsome guy.

3. Your Smile Is Pretty. (Egao Ga Kawaii Desu Ne)

Japanese: 笑顔がかわいいですね。

Has someone stolen your heart with their cute smile? Then this Japanese compliment is definitely for you. But they will probably feel shy and flattered when they hear this compliment.

4. That Dress Looks Nice On You. (Sono Doresu Niatte Imasu Ne)

Japanese: そのドレス 似合ってますね。

It doesn’t have to focus on physical appearance all the time, you know. Maybe they have a unique style and you want to compliment their outfit. If you ever visit Harajuku street, you’ll see what I mean.

5. Your Hairstyle Looks Cool. (Anata No Kamigata Kakkoii)

Japanese: あなたの髪型カッコいいですね。

You’ll encounter many Japanese people with very cool and colorful hairstyles in Tokyo. Every time I saw someone I couldn’t help thinking about how cool their hairstyles are. It must be a common compliment most Japanese people hear.

Complimenting To Someone’s Personality

When someone compliments your appearance, yes it’s a great compliment but when they compliment your personality, I think that’s the best compliment. Here are some Japanese compliments about personality.

1. Your Inside Is Even More Beautiful Than Your Outside. (Mitame Yori Naimen No Hō Ga Zutto Suteki Desu)

Japanese: 見た目より内面のほうがずっと素敵です。

This may be the best compliment one can ever hear. I think this sentence can also come in handy when flirting in Japanese.

2. You Have Good Taste. (Sensu Ga Ii Ne)

Japanese: センスがいいね。

You can use this phrase if you think someone has a good taste in fashion, food, music, etc. It shows that you have something in common.

3. You Have A Great Sense Of Humor. (Batsugun Bo Yūmoa No Sensu O Motte Iru Ne)

Japanese: 抜群のユーモアのセンスを持っているね。

People, especially men, love it when someone says they have a good sense of humor. You can say this phrase if you have a Japanese friend who makes you laugh all the time.

4. You Are Funny/Interesting. (Anata Wa Omoshiroiidesu)

Japanese: あなたは面白いです。

This is another way of saying someone is fun. Keep in mind that the Japanese word “面白い (omoshiroii)” means both funny and interesting.

5. You’re Kind. (Yasashii Ne)

Japanese: 優しいね。

This is one of the common Japanese compliments. Almost all Japanese people are so kind and they praise each other by saying how kind they are.

6. You Are An Awesome Friend. (Kimi Wa Saikō No Tomodachi Da Yo)

Japanese: きみは最高の友達だよ。

I remember hearing this sentence in animes. It’s the best compliment a true friend can get so if you have an awesome Japanese friend. Let them know it!

Compliments In Japanese - Japanese co-workers bowing

Complimenting To Someone’s Work

Japanese people tend to praise and give compliments to each other at work. Even though they try to be humble, they like it when someone praises their work. Here are the most common Japanese compliments you’ll hear at the workplace.

Good job!良くやったなyoku yatta na
You are good at this!上手だねjyouzu da ne
Thank you for your hard work!お疲れ様ですotsukaresamadesu

How To Receive Compliments In Japanese?

Humbleness is a part of Japanese culture and hence Japanese people tend to deny it rather than accepting when they receive compliments. It doesn’t matter whether they are true or not. They usually reply with denial phrases to be humble and not boastful. You’ll often see them waving their hands before their face while saying “いやいやいや (iyaiyaiya).”

That’s not the caseそんなことありませんsonna koto arimasen
That’s not the case at all全然そんなことないよzenzen sonna koto nai yo
Not at all, but I’m happy you think so全然そんなことないけど嬉しいですzenzen koto nai kedo ureshii desu
No, no, noいやいやいやiyaiyaiya
That’s not trueそんなことないですsonna koto nai desu
You too!あなたこそanata koso
Thank you for the compliment褒めていただき、ありがとうございますhomete kuremashita, arigatou gozaimasu

Other Japanese Words You Should Know

I’m sure you already heard these words from the anime characters but let’s learn their meanings!

Elegant上品なjouhin na

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