30 Awesome Italian Slang Words To Sound Like A Local

Italian Slang Words

Are you curious about the best Italian slang words to sound like a local? There isn’t a better way to look like a native speaker than use a slang phrase during a conversation with other Italians.

Italians use a lot of expressions, and new slang words are coined every year by the new generations. But, some words and phrases are likewise utilized by young and older people. If you want to sound like a local, you should learn at least some common Italian slang terms and some Italian colloquialisms.

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Italian Slang Words To Sound Like A Local

Best Italian Slang Words To Sound Like a Local

Slang words and phrases are commonly used in informal situations and with friends. It is not common to use slang during formal meetings or events. If you are visiting the county or have Italian friends, using slang words can make you look like a person who takes care of the details and traditions of Italians.

Here are the best and most common slang expressions and words:

1. Ma Dai (Come On)

If you know Italian people, it is almost impossible that you have never heard these words. It is common for Italians to say it to others to signify

  • Stop it
  • Imagine

It is used to express feelings like surprise, amazement, and annoyance. For example:

  • Ma dai! Non esagerare – Come on! Don’t overdo it!

2. Chi Se Ne Frega? (Who Cares?)

It is an Italian slang phrase that means you don’t care about something. For example:

  • Chi se ne frega se l’Italia ha vinto la coppa del mondo! – Who cares if Italy won the world cup!

3. Scialla (Stay calm)

In Italian, “scialla” means take it easy or relax. Italians say it to others to signify they should not worry.

4. In Bocca Al Lupo (Good Luck)

It translates into “in the wolf’s mouth.” In the Italian culture, it is used to wish good luck to others. For example:

  • In bocca al lupo per il tuo sesame – Good luck with your exam

5. Come Il Cacio Sui Maccheroni (Like Sheep’s Milk For The Macaroni)

It translates literally as “like sheep’s milk for the macaroni.” But it means that two things can get along with each other perfectly or that something is a perfect solution to a problem. It is the Italian equivalent of the English phrase “Just what the doctor ordered.”

6. Mamma Mia (Oh My)

Italian native speakers use it to express exasperation, surprise, fear, and many other feelings. For example:

  • Mamma mia che bello! – Oh my, how nice!
  • Mamma mia, oggi soon state molto impegnata – Oh my, you have been very busy today
  • Mamma mia che palle! – Oh my, what a drag!

7. Come Te La Passi? (How Is It Going?)

It is an informal way to ask others how they are doing. It can be used as a greeting. For example, when you meet someone, you can ask:

  • Come te la passi? – How is it going?


  • Bene grazie – Good, thank you.

8. Sono Cavoli Miei – (That’s My Business)

These Italian words literally translate into ” They are my cabbages.” Italians do not mean they have or want cabbages; in actual fact, the sentence has nothing to do with vegetables. It is used to say to others to mind their own business.

For example:

  • Sono cavoli miei con chi mi vedo – It is my business who I hang out with
Best Italian Slang Words To Know

Best Italian Slang Words To Know

There aren’t only Italian slang phrases; Italians use many words that have a different meaning from the literal translation.

In everyday life, you can recognize them because they might sound weird when you hear them in a sentence, but they do have a meaning if you know those words are slang.

Here are the best slang words in Italian:

  1. Trescare – Have a flirt
  2. Camomillarsi – Calm down
  3. Sbalconato – Be out of your mind
  4. Incicognarsi – Get pregnant
  5. Citofonarsi – Call someone by surname
  6. Tirare tardi – To be late
  7. Inciucio – Intrigue, a cheat, a mess
  8. Un carnaio – Many people together in the same place
  9. Abbioccarsi – falling asleep unexpectedly
  10. Bordello – Problematic, confusing, and chaotic situation
  11. Fottìo – Something that has happened or occurs in large quantities
  12. Svalvolare – Loss of control
  13. Rosicare – To be envious of something
  14. Scazzato – A state of mind of malaise
  15. Che pizza – a boring or bad thing
  16. Sbroccare o sclerare – Getting angry and making a scene
  17. Raga – Guys
  18. Tranqui – abbreviation of the word “calm,” it means to stay calm
  19. Che Figata – Cool
  20. Meno male! – Luckily or thank goodness
  21. Che schifo – How disgusting
  22. Vivere alla giornata – Live in the moment
  23. Pisolino – An Italian slang word that means “afternoon nap”
  24. È tutto pepe! – A very active person
  25. Amore a prima vista – It means “Love at first sight”
  26. Tocca ferro – Touch iron ( Colloquial words used when one wants to say that it is necessary to prevent bad luck)
  27. Non ci credo – I don’t believe it (Used to show surprise)
  28. Ma va? – Seriously?/ Really
  29. Non fai scumbari – Stop embarrassing me
  30. Che buono – Delicious food
  31. Che cavolo – What the hell
  32. Figurati – No big deal

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