Easy Italian Question Words: A 2023 Guide With Examples

Italian Question Words

Learning Italian on your own? Then you should also try the basics. There are many ways to learn Italian. Through reading, speaking, listening, or writing exercises, there are tons of lessons to check. But where should you first start? Let’s go with the easy sentences, phrases, and words.

Would you like to know how what are the easy Italian question words? Question words are used at the beginning of a sentence when you want to ask something. For example, the most common question words are:

  • Who
  • What
  • How
  • When
  • Which
  • Why
  • How much
  • How Many

The question words are fundamental in learning Italian because you will definitely need them during your travel to Italy. Or even with your Italian friends since you will ask some questions occasionally.

This article covers the most common Italian question words you will need.

Easy Italian Question Words To Know

What Are The Italian Question Words?

Question words help you ask for information about various things you might need. For example, you can ask what time it is, directions, the price of an object, other people’s preferences, and much more.

Here are the easiest Italian question words to learn:


“Quando” has the function of asking, in interrogative sentences, at what time or the moment a fact, a situation, or an action will be determined.

Here are some examples:

Quando è il tuo compleanno?When is your birthday?
Quando si gioca la partita tra Milan e Inter?When will the match between Milan and Inter take place?
Quando esce il nuovo numero di questa rivista?When does the new issue of this magazine come out?


This word means for “what reason?.” It is used in direct and indirect interrogative propositions to ask the cause or purpose for which something has been done.

Here are some examples:

Perché vai a lavorare la domenica?Why do you go to work on Sundays?
Perché non vieni al cinema con noi?Why don’t you come to the cinema with us?
Perché tutti i negozi soon chiusi oggi?Why are all the shops closed today?


The word “chi” can be masculine and, more rarely, feminine and means “the one who…,” while the word “di chi” is used to ask others about the ownership of things.

The following examples can help you figure out how to use this word:

Chi entra per ultimo, chiude la portaWhoever enters last closes the door
Chi sono quei ragazzi?Who are those guys?
Chi è lui? Who is he?
Di chi soon questi documenti?Whose are these documents?
Chi parla Inglese? Who speaks English?
Italian Question Words CHE CHE COSA COSA


All three forms of the so-called ‘neutral’ interrogative pronoun are correct and widely used in contemporary Italian in direct and indirect interrogative propositions.

  • Che (cosa / che cosa) mi volevi dire? – What did you want to tell me?
  • Non mi ricordo più di che (di cosa / di che cosa) ti volevo parlare – I no longer remember what I wanted to talk to you about

“Cosa” appears to be the most common form today at all levels of writing and speaking. But it has by no means undermined the more traditional “che” and “che cosa” from use.

The form that became established later in the history of Italian was precisely “cosa” considered by grammarians to be a form to be avoided.

The fortune of “cosa” began in the mid-nineteenth century when Manzoni (following the model of the Florentine spoken by educated people) decided to correct “cosa” instead of “che cosa” used in the first edition of the Promessi Sposi (The Betrothed).

Here are some examples of use:

Che giorno è oggi?What day is today?
Che cos’è quello?What is that?
Che fai?What are you doing?
Che ore sono? / Che ora è?What time is it?
Che cosa vuoi? What do you want?


This is another question word used in interrogative and doubtful sentences to ask for the quantity or number of things or people.
Here are some examples:

Quanto tempo ci vuole?How long does it take?
Quanti anni hai?How old are you?
Quanto costa?How much does it cost?
Quanto pesa questo pesce?How much does this fish weigh?
Quante noccioline hai mangiato?How many peanuts have you eaten?
Quanto costa una sola bibita?How much does a single drink cost?
Quanto zucchero hai messo? How much sugar did you put in?


This word indicates, with an interrogative and relative value, single elements (things, people, animals, etc.), or categories of factors, about the quality they are characterized and distinguished.

For example:

Quali sono i libri che vuoi?What are the books you want?
Per quale motivo vuoi diventare avvocato?Why do you want to become a lawyer?
Quale panino vuoi?Which sandwich do you want?
Quale vuoi?Which one do you want?
Italian Question Words DOVE DA DOVE


This word means “in what place:” For direct or indirect interrogative sentences, it indicates state or destination.

For example:

Da dove vieni? Where are you from?
Dove abiti?Where do you live?
Dove si trova il comune? Where is the municipality located?

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