Happy New Year In Italian: 7+ Best Greetings!

Happy New Year In Italian

Are you wondering about the best way to greet someone with a Happy New Year in Italian? This article can help you learn different original ways to wish a happy new year to your Italian friends. If you are ready for that, then keep reading below!

If you are going to Italy for the holidays and you are spending time with friends, you have the opportunity to show what you have learned about their native language. Fortunately, learning Italian is not that difficult, especially if you are genuinely motivated to master it. In fact, you can learn Italian faster if you use specific phrases and sentences in your daily life.

If you are now ready to impress your friends, here are some of the best ways to say a happy new year in Italian!

Happy New Year In Italian Best Ways To Say

Best Ways To Wish A Happy New Year In Italian

In the Italian culture, New Year’s Eve is a big party to spend with family and friends. The evening starts with a slow dinner followed by a party until midnight. After that, everyone follows the countdown until the new year, when fireworks begin.

Typically, everyone drinks Italian sparkling wine to celebrate the new year ahead and make a toast.

The holiday seasons in Italy are a whole package of festivities and celebrations, starting with Christmas and ending on January 6.

Happy New Year” in Italian is ” Buon anno nuovo“.

But there are variations you can use:

  1. Felice anno nuovo! – Happy New Year
  2. Tanti auguri di buon anno! – Many wishes for a good year!
  3. Buon anno – Happy New Year
  4. Ti auguro un buon anno nuovo – I wish you a Happy New Year
  5. Le auguro un buon anno nuovo – I wish you a Happy New Year (It is formal when meeting people you don’t know well)
  6. Vi auguro un buon anno! I wish you a Happy New Year (to use when you speak with more than one person)
  7. Brindo all’anno che verrà e alla tua felicità. Buon anno! – I toast to the year to come and to your happiness. Happy New Year!
  8. Buone feste – Happy holidays
  9. Tanti auguri – Many wishes
  10. Vi auguro un Buon e Prospero Nuovo Anno – Wishing you a Happy and prosperous New Year

When you spend the festive season in Italy, you should also learn the rest of the words typically used during this time. Just knowing how to say Happy New Year in Italian is not enough.

Happy New Year In Italian Other Related Words

Other Related Italian Words For New Year

When enjoying New Year’s Eve with your friends or during your holidays in Italy, you should also learn all the main words connected with the party, dinner, and the celebration in general.

Here are the words you should know:

  • Capodanno – New Year’s Day
  • Vigilia di Capodanno – New Year’s Eve
  • Notte di San Silvestro – Saint Sylvester’s Night (New Year’s Eve)
  • Cenone di Capodanno – New Year’s Dinner
  • Tombola – Italian bingo
  • Concerto di Capodanno – New Year’s Concert
  • Botti (fuochi di artificio) di Capodanno – New Year’s fireworks
  • Festa di Capodanno – New Year’s Eve party
  • Mezzanotte – Midnight
  • Ballare – Dancing
  • Fuochi d-artificio – Fireworks
  • Conto alla rovescia – Countdown
  • Coriandoli – Confetti
  • Brindisi – Toast
  • Proposito – Resolution

In Italian, it is possible to use the sentence “Tanti Auguri” to wish Happy new year. This sentence can be used in many instances to wish all the best to people and also in other circumstances, such as marriage, Easter, Christmas, and many other things.

Tanti Auguri” actually means “many wishes.” The only way for Italians to understand what you mean is based on when you say it. If you use this phrase during Christmas, it is implied that you are wishing “Merry Christmas.”

New Year’s Eve Traditions And Cuisine

Now that you’ve learned multiple ways to Happy New Year in Italian, let’s dig deeper into their traditions and cuisine!

Traditionally Italians work a lot to prepare a massive dinner for New Year’s Eve. The dinner includes appetizers and a series of dishes such as spaghetti, risotto, seafood, tortellini, and other Italian specialties. But the traditional food prepared for the New Year’s Eve dinner is lentils stewed with cotechino. Finally, the dinner concludes with sweets such as pandoro, panettone, and cakes.

At midnight people exchange greetings toasting, and some Italians used to throw old stuff out of the window. Also, Italians used to wear red underwear during New Year’s Eve to attack luck. Typically, the underwear has to be thrown away the day after.

Another tradition is to leave the house on the first day of the year with money in the pockets. It is meant to bring money and wealth in the coming year.

Italians are definitely a unique bunch! If you want to impress them further, take a look at our other blog posts on 30+ Italian love phrases and common Italian phrases.

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