Yes/No/Ok In Armenian: #1 Best Ways To Say Them

yes, no and ok in armenian

Yes, No, and Ok may look like simple words, but they are instrumental in daily conversations. In this post, we will be taking a look at how to say Yes/No/Ok in Armenian to help you interact better with the locals if you intend to visit this wonderful country. Continue reading if you want to find out how.

Some questions don’t demand long-form answers. Sometimes, just one word is enough response. For example, if someone asks if they should serve your lunch, the answer will likely be yes or no. If you are thinking of learning Armenian, I will advise you to start with the essential phrases, such as these. If you are ready for that and more, then keep reading below!

Yes/No/Ok In Armenian

Yes hand sign

How To Say Yes In Armenian

Yes – այո (Ayo)

[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]այո[/Speechword]

The Armenian word for Yes is ayo and can be used for any question or conversation that requires you to say yes. For example, let’s say someone is trying to confirm whether you are coming with them to the party in the night, and they ask:

  • Are you coming to the party tonight? – Գալիս եք երեկույթին այս երեկո (Galis yek’ yerekuyt’in ays yereko)

[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Գալիս եք երեկույթին այս երեկո[/Speechword]

The best thing to say is ayo which means yes, or follow it up with an affirmative sentence. So, for example, you can tell.

  • Yes, I am coming – Այո, ես գալիս եմ (Ayo, yes galis yem)

[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Այո, ես գալիս եմ[/Speechword]

Other Yes-Related Sentences

Yes, You’re right Այո դու ճիշտ եսAyo du chisht yes[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Այո դու ճիշտ ես[/Speechword]
I won’t say Yes Չեմ ասի այոCH’em asi ayo[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Չեմ ասի այո[/Speechword]
Yes, you can have it Այո, դուք կարող եք ունենալ այնAyo, duk’ karogh yek’ unenal ayn[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Այո, դուք կարող եք ունենալ այն[/Speechword]
Yes, Yes, Yes! Այո այո այո!Ayo ayo ayo![Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Այո այո այո![/Speechword]
No signboard

Saying No In Armenian

No – Ոչ (Voch’)

[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Ոչ[/Speechword]

What if you want to disagree with someone in Armenian? The best word for disagreement is no, but how do you say it? In Armenian, Voch’ means no, and it is one of the best words to show your disapproval of an agreement or plea.


No, I disagree Ոչ, ես համաձայն չեմVoch’, yes hamadzayn ch’em[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Ոչ, ես համաձայն չեմ[/Speechword]
No, you can’t have it Ոչ, դուք չեք կարող դա ունենալVoch’, duk’ ch’ek’ karogh da unenal[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Ոչ, դուք չեք կարող դա ունենալ[/Speechword]
No, you are not old enough Ոչ, դու բավականաչափ մեծ չեսVoch’, du bavakanach’ap’ mets ch’es[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Ոչ, դու բավականաչափ մեծ չես[/Speechword]
I am sorry. I will have to say No. Կներեք. Ստիպված կլինեմ ասել՝ Ոչ Knerek’Stipvats klinem asel՝ Voch’[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Կներեք. Ստիպված կլինեմ ասել՝ Ոչ Knerek’[/Speechword]
No, No, No! Ոչ ոչ ոչ!Voch’ voch’ voch’![Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Ոչ ոչ ոչ![/Speechword]
Ok hand sign

Saying Ok In Armenian

Ok – Լավ (Lav)

[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Լավ[/Speechword]

Saying ok is a way to accept or approve a decision. See it as being affirmative. For example, if a friend informs you that you will be ushering in a party, and you are cool with the decision, you can say ok. Lav is the word for Ok in Armenian, and it has equivalent use just like the standard English ‘ok.’

Ok! I will go Լավ! ես կգնամLav! yes kgnam[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Լավ! ես կգնամ[/Speechword]
He asked if I would come home tomorrow, and I said Ok Հարցրեց՝ վաղը տուն կգա՞մ, ես ասացի՝ լավHarts’rets’՝ vaghy tun kga՞m, yes asats’i՝ lav[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Հարցրեց՝ վաղը տուն կգա՞մ, ես ասացի՝ լավ[/Speechword]
Ok! I agree Լավ, համաձայն եմLav, hamadzayn yem[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Լավ, համաձայն եմ[/Speechword]
Ok, ok, ok! Լավ, լավ, լավ!Lav, lav, lav![Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Լավ, լավ, լավ![/Speechword]

Other Basic Words To Know In Armenian

Of course, learning how to say yes and no in Armenian is important, but learning other expressions can help. To maximize your interactions with the locals, be sure to check out the table below.

Good morningԲարի առավոտBari arravot[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Բարի առավոտ[/Speechword]
Good afternoon Բարի օրBari or[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Բարի օր[/Speechword]
Good evening Բարի երեկոBari yereko[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Բարի երեկո[/Speechword]
Good bye ցտեսությունts’tesut’yun[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]ցտեսություն[/Speechword]
How are you? Ինչպես ես?Inchpes ek/Vonts es?[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Ինչպես ես?[/Speechword]
I am fineես լավ եմyes lav yem[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]ես լավ եմ[/Speechword]
Please Խնդրում եմKhndrum yem[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Խնդրում եմ[/Speechword]
Thank you ՇնորհակալությունShnorhakalut[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Շնորհակալություն[/Speechword]
I am sorryԿներեքKnerek[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Կներեք[/Speechword]
You’re welcome ԽնդրեմKhndrem[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Խնդրեմ[/Speechword]
Excuse me ՆերեցեքNerets’ek’[Speechword voice=”Armenian Male” isinline]Ներեցեք[/Speechword]

Wrapping Up

We’ve gone through the respective Armenian words for Yes, No, and Ok, so feel free to use them in different conversations. Knowing these basics can make a massive difference if you are traveling to Armenia soon. Not only will you be able to start conversations with the locals, but you will also understand what they are saying. If you need to practice, you can try out these words as well when conversing online with Armenians.

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