15+ Easy Shopping Vocabulary In Armenian To Know


If you are traveling to Yerevan anytime soon, you must keep some basic things in mind. Apart from checking the weather forecast for the day of your traveling and learning the basic Armenian phrases, you must also prepare some words related to our favorite pastime: shopping! In this post, we will be learning shopping vocabulary in Armenian! I cannot imagine you traveling to Yerevan without shopping! There are a lot of unique products that are available in Yerevan markets. So, be ready for a shopping spree once you master the words below!

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5 Basic Armenian Phrases For Shopping

As a foreigner, there is no denying that shopping is one of the most exciting things to do! Not only do you open yourself to new items, but you’ll also get to understand the locals’ way of life. After all, what better way to learn about their favorite items and delicacies than seeing what is flying off the shelves in person, right? With that said, let’s get started with the shopping expressions below!

How Much Is This? – Սա ի՞նչ արժե (Inch Arjhe Sa?)

The most important word when you are going shopping in one of the Yerevan markets is being able to ask for the price of a particular product or service. There will be a lot of captivating stuff ranging from locally made goods to unique crafts and pastries. Therefore you’ve got to know how to enquire about the price. Inch arjhe sa means how much is this, and it is understood by both buyers and sellers.

This Is Too Expensive! սա չափազանց թանկ է (Sa Ch’ap’azants’ T’ank e)

Have you ever heard of a thing’s price and instantly knew it wasn’t the original price for the product? Yes, I have been there too. And one thing I know you don’t want to experience is being jilted for your money. Therefore, if you feel the price is too much for a product, don’t hesitate to say sa ch’ap’azants’ t’ank e. The buyer will know that you are not there to joke and will negotiate the price or reasons to buy.

Shopping Vocabulary In Armenian-Ling-App-woman-with-shopping-bags

I Will Buy It – Ես կգնեմ այն (Yes Kgnem Ayn)

When you love a product and you have the money to purchase it, then nothing should stop you. Not even the language barrier! Yes, kgnem ayn is the best way to show your interest in a product. Alternatively, you can say ես կվերցնեմ դա (yes kverts’nem da), which means I will take it. Either way, you are definitely buying that product.

I Am Just Looking For… ես պարզապես նայում եմ (Yes Parzapes Nayum Yem)

If you are looking for a particular type of Armenian carpet or craft, then you should specify so that the seller will not offer you products you don’t want. Fortunately, what you can say is Yes p’ntrum yem which means you are looking for something.

I Don’t Want It – Ես դա չեմ ուզում (Yes Da Ch’em Uzum)

Sellers will try to offer you more products even if they are irrelevant. Well, you cannot blame them because that is how they stay in business. Although their offers can be irresistible sometimes, there are times you don’t want them, and it is only fair to let them know that you are not interested. The best way to say that is Yes da ch’em uzum which means ‘I don’t want it.

Other Expressions And Shopping Vocabulary In Armenian

Now that we’ve taken a look at the five essential shopping vocabulary that can improve your shopping experience, let’s take a look at more phrases that will come in handy. Not only will you be able to shop anyway, but you will also effectively communicate with the locals.

Do you accept credit cards? Կրեդիտ քարտեր ընդունո՞ւմ եքKredit qarter endounoom eq?
I want to go shopping Ես ուզում եմ գնումներ կատարելYes uzum yem gnumner katarel
I want it ես ուզում եմ դաyes uzum yem da
Only cash, please Միայն կանխիկ, խնդրում եմ Miayn kankhik, khndroom em
What time do you open? Ո՞ր ժամին եք բացում VO՞r zhamin yek’ bats’um
Can I have a bag?Կարո՞ղ եմ պայուսակ ունենալ Karo՞gh yem payusak unenal
I can’t afford it Ես չեմ կարող ինձ թույլ տալ դա Yes ch’em karogh indz t’uyl tal da
I don’t speak Armenian Ես հայերեն չեմ խոսում Yes hayeren ch’em khosum
Supermarket ՍուպերմարկետSupermarket
Restaurant ՌեստորանRRestoran
Gas station գազալցակայանgazaltsakayan

Get Ready For Your Shopping Spree!

We’ve explored the essential shopping vocabulary in the Armenian language! So, what are you waiting for?! Get ready to shop!

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