3+ Best Croatian Proverbs To Learn Today!

Are you planning to make connections and impress the locals? Well, you are in luck since today’s exclusive guide will walk you through the best Croatian proverbs and expressions. These simple sayings may certainly level up your chances of being on the locals’ good side, as most Croatians are really excited whenever they hear foreigners speaking their language. If you are interested in that, let’s get it started!

Whether you are a first-time traveler to Croatia or simply want to learn the language for professional purposes, we understand how difficult it must be to understand where you should start.

Should you be learning the Croatian language first or the grammar rules? Here’s our take on this: start learning the colloquial terms and expressions. If you want to fit in right away, we highly suggest that you start memorizing these Croatian sayings in this post.

Croatian Proverbs

The Beauty Of Croatian Proverbs

Proverbs play an integral role no matter where you are in the world. Simple as it may be, these expressions somehow reflect the beliefs, thoughts, and even the ways of life of the locals. For this reason, many philosophers believe that proverbs should be viewed as something sacred too.

If you want to know more about these Croatian proverbs, read more! These Croatian proverbs make you understand the nation and its principles, but it is also a great way to speak and connect with the locals. Not only that, but it is a perfect way to become wiser and gain more knowledge as a person.

1. Dobar prijatelj vrijedi više od lošeg brata

Literal translation: A good friend is worth more than a bad brother.

Meaning: What matters the most is how that person treats you, regardless if they are family or not.

Similar to the saying: “Water is thicker than blood.”, it goes to show that just because it is your relative, it doesn’t entirely mean that they will treat you well and well. Sometimes, the people that are not even related to you are the best when it comes to treating you well. Having said that, sometimes it is better to have a friend that is genuine and true than a family member that doesn’t treat you well and properly.

2. Bez muke nema nauke

Literal translation: Without hardship, there is no knowledge.

Meaning: Without going through experiences, you will not be knowledgeable enough.

This is an excellent reminder that you will grow as a person when you go through hardships. Good or bad, an experience is an experience. This means that no matter what kind of experience that may be, it is still a learning lesson that can help you become the best version of yourself and be full of wisdom.

3. Bolje loša žetva nego loš susjed

Literal translation: Better a bad harvest than a bad neighbor.

Meaning: Sometimes, it is better to have a bad day than a bad neighbor.

A bad day will pass, but having a bad neighbor or someone you are not on good terms with will become a nuisance. Although having a bad day doesn’t mean everything is okay, it is better than having a neighbor that isn’t good or someone you don’t have a good relationship with.

4. Lisica može promijeniti kožu, ali nikada svoj temperament

Literal translation: A fox may change its skin, but never its temperament.

Meaning: A person may change their appearance, but never their character.

May this proverb remind you to be wary of the people you meet and the people in your life. This is because not everyone you meet has good intentions if it is innate in that person’s character to be evil. Although people might change their appearances from time to time, the character of such a person will always stay the same and is somehow close to impossible to change.

5. Uljudne riječi otvaraju željezna vrata

Literal translation: Polite words open iron gates

Meaning: Being kind will open doors to many opportunities

Not just opportunities and once-in-a-lifetime chances but also meaningful connections and relationships with other people.

6. Nesređena osoba ne napreduje

Literal translation: The unsettled person does not prosper.

Meaning: When a person does not have any plans for himself, he will not thrive.

This is one of the Croatian sayings that serve as a good reminder always to know what you want to pursue and have your eyes set on the goal. This will give you better opportunities, but it will also allow you to prosper as an individual.

7. Najmanje je vjerojatno da će ljudi koji upućuju najviše ili najglasnije prijetnje poduzeti nešto

Literal translation: People who make the most or the loudest threats are the least likely to take action

Meaning: Most people that think too highly of themselves end up doing nothing.

This Croatian proverb is a good reminder always to be humble and treat people with kindness. Aside from that, this proverb is a good phrase of encouragement not to let people talk down on you and defend yourself.

8. Sačuvajte tri zlatnika i četvrti će vam pasti u krilo

Literal translation: Save three pieces of gold, and the fourth one will fall into your lap

Meaning: Be wise with your expenses, and your financial freedom will come.

It is crucial to know which baskets we are putting our eggs into in times like these. This Croatian proverb is an excellent reminder that when you are wise with your expenses and know where you are putting your money, eventually, you will build your wealth and have the financial freedom you want.

9. Bog pomaže onima koji pomažu sami sebi

Literal translation: God helps those who help themselves.

Meaning: Everything will fall into place when you start helping yourself

If you are looking for a sign to learn more about Croatian other than Croatian proverbs, then this is it. Whether to travel to a certain country, pursue this degree you’ve been eyeing, or learn a new language, this is your sign to take the leap and do it. When you start to help yourself, the rest will follow! Everything starts with you and your commitment to achieving your goal.

These are just a couple of Croatian proverbs and Croatian sayings that can help you on your next trip to Croatia if you just want to learn something new! If these phrases interest you more about the Croatian language, you are definitely in the right place!

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