Binge-Watch These 10+ Hilarious Croatian Movies

Here’s a little secret from us language nerds to you: one of the easiest ways to learn a new language is to just sit back, relax, and watch some TV! Seriously, who said learning a language had to be all work and no play? So if you’re in a hunt for Croatian movies and TV series to watch to improve your skills, then you’re in the right place! Read on below to discover our favorites!

If there’s one thing we discovered about watching movies, it is that it can significantly help us progress in our language learning goals. You see, studies show that it is actually one of the most effective ways to engage in a new language and culture. More often than not, these forms of media often feature conversational, authentic interactions that you would literally hear from native speakers. And if you listen close enough, you’ll pick up on niche slang words, tones, and the natural language flow!

Honestly, it’s like your brain is having a secret language lesson without you even realizing it. So, what are you waiting for? Get those Croatian movies or TV shows rolling, and let’s have some fun while we learn! Ready, set, binge-watch!

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Croatian Movies That Should Be On Your List

Grab some popcorn and get ready for a fun-filled cinematic adventure! Learn 5 of the best Croatian movies across various genres, from dramas to comedies and even some action flicks. Be enthralled by Croatian cinema and learn the language at the same time!

#1: “Tko pjeva zlo ne misli” (One Song a Day Takes Mischief Away)

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Streaming Service: Netflix

Synopsis: Set in the charming streets of Zagreb, this timeless classic follows the hilarious misadventures of a middle-class family in the 1930s. As they navigate through daily shenanigans, family dynamics, and eccentric neighbors, you’ll be immersed in the enchanting Croatian atmosphere. Relish the heartwarming humor and watch this Croatian film with your family!

#2: “Maršal” (Marshal)

Genre: Drama, Biographical

Streaming Service: Amazon Prime Video

Synopsis: If you’re a history buff with a penchant for dramas, “Maršal” is a must-watch! This riveting feature film delves into the real-life story of Josip Broz Tito, the famous Marshal of Yugoslavia. Experience the captivating narrative of his rise to power, the struggles of wartime leadership, and the complex legacy he left behind. As you soak up the rich dialogue, embrace Croatian historical vocabulary such as “domovina” (homeland) and “rat” (war).

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#3: “Metastaze” (Metastases)

Genre: Crime, Drama

Streaming Service: Hulu

Synopsis: Prepare for a thrilling ride through the gritty, dark underbelly of modern-day Croatian society with “Metastaze.” This action-packed film tells the story of two low-level criminals, their intertwining lives, and the dangerous world they live in. As you’re on the edge of your seat, sharpen your Croatian vocabulary with terms like “policija” (police) and “pljačka” (robbery), just in case you find yourself in an unexpected Croatian heist!

#4: “Svećenikova djeca” (The Priest’s Children)

Genre: Comedy

Streaming Service: YouTube Movies

Synopsis: Brace yourselves for some laugh-out-loud moments in “Svećenikova djeca,” a delightful comedy that explores what happens when a mischievous priest on a small Croatian island decides to sabotage the local contraceptive supply. Chaos ensues as the island’s population experiences a baby boom! Get ready to giggle while learning Croatian phrases like “dijete” (child) and “crkva” (church). Who knew birth control mishaps could be so educational (& hilarious)?

#5: “Narodni heroj Ljiljan Vidić” (The People’s Hero Ljiljan Vidic)

Genre: Action, Adventure

Streaming Service: Vimeo On Demand

Synopsis: Get your adrenaline pumping with “Narodni heroj Ljiljan Vidić,” an exhilarating action film that combines breathtaking stunts and an epic adventure. Follow the story of Ljiljan Vidic, a Croatian soldier who embarks on a dangerous mission to save his captured comrades during war. Prepare to expand your Croatian vocabulary with words like “hrabrost” (bravery) and “ratnik” (warrior) as you witness the heroics unfold on screen.

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Croatian TV Shows That Should Be On Your List

Have you enjoyed the Croatian movie recommendations but want more? Are you ready to take your Croatian proficiency to the next level? Get cozy on your couch because we’re about to unveil five addictive Croatian TV shows that will keep you entertained and help you sharpen your language skills. From gripping dramas to intriguing crime series, get ready to dive into the world of Croatian television, where language learning meets binge-watching!

#1: “Lud, zbunjen, normalan” (Crazy, Confused, Normal)

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Streaming Service: RTLplay (Croatian streaming service)

Synopsis: This long-running Croatian sitcom is a fan favorite thanks to its hilarious characters and relatable storylines. The show centers around a dysfunctional family living in Sarajevo and their daily struggles with work, love, and family. With its fast-paced dialogue and slang, “Lud, zbunjen, normalan” is a great way to learn Croatian slang and expressions, such as “malo sutra” (tomorrow never comes) and “šta ima?” (what’s up?).

#2: “Novine” (The Paper)

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Streaming Service: Netflix

Synopsis: For fans of investigative journalism and political thrillers, “Novine” is a must-watch. It has been a highly-rated TV show for the last 5 years. The show follows a group of journalists who work for a Croatian daily newspaper and are tasked with uncovering a web of corruption and crime that reaches the highest levels of government. As you follow the twists and turns of the story, pick up Croatian words related to media, such as “novinar” (journalist) and “izvještaj” (report).

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#3: “Bitange i princeze” (Rascals and Princesses)

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Streaming Service: YouTube

Synopsis: This beloved Croatian sitcom follows the antics of a group of friends from Zagreb, who navigate the ups and downs of love, work, and friendship. It is a hilarious comedy series that brilliantly juxtaposes the lives of ordinary people with those of the privileged elite. With its witty humor and relatable characters, “Bitange i princeze” is a delightful way to improve your Croatian language skills. Learn some colloquial expressions like “faca” (cool person) and “đir” (hangout) to sound like a character from the show!

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#4: “Bit ćeš moja” (You’ll Be Mine)

Genre: Romance, Drama

Streaming Service: Netflix

Synopsis: Experience the rollercoaster ride of love and heartbreak with “Bit ćeš moja,” a captivating romantic drama. Follow the story of a young woman torn between two lovers and the complexities of their relationships. Let the emotions wash over you while picking up Croatian expressions of love like “ljubav” (love) and “srce” (heart). Who knows, maybe you’ll even find your own Croatian romance along the way!

#5: “Na granici” (At the Border)

Genre: Drama, Crime

Streaming Service: HBO GO

Synopsis: “Na granici” takes us to the beautiful but troubled border between Croatia and Bosnia, where a group of police officers is tasked with maintaining order in a dangerous area. The show explores the complex relationships between the officers and their families, as well as their dangerous and unpredictable work. Brush up on Croatian vocabulary related to law enforcement, such as “zakon” (law) and “policajac” (police officer).

Well, that’s a wrap, folks! Whether you prefer crime dramas, romantic comedies, or family sitcoms, these Croatian TV shows have something for everyone. So, grab a snack, find a cozy spot on the couch, and get ready to improve your skills.

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Croatian Movie + TV Vocabulary

Lights, camera, and Croatian vocabulary action! If you’re ready to step into the exciting world of movies and TV shows, we’ve got just the right set of linguistic tools to make you feel like a star. From glamorous red carpets to dramatic plot twists, these ten Croatian words will have you speaking the language of the silver screen in no time.

MovieFilm (m.)
Actor/ActressGlumac/glumica (m/f)
SceneScena (f.)
DirectorRedatelj (m.)
PlotRadnja (f.)
CostumeKostim (m.)
SoundZvuk (m.)
CinematographerSnimatelj (m.)
DirectionRežija (f.)
ProducerProducent (m.)

Final Thoughts 

Get out your popcorn and get comfy to watch some Croatian films and TV. This is for sure the most relaxing way to learn a new language! 

It’s well-known that consuming media like movies and television in the language you wish to learn reinforces the acquisition of that language. Plus, it’s fun! Why not try this out instead of hitting the language books?

After you’ve watched a movie or two, now it’s time to get working on your Croatian skills on a conscious level. Download the free Ling app today from the App Store and Play Store. This app is just super amazing that you’ll end up smashing through your language goals faster than ever! Give it a try today!

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