35+ Wonderful Ways To Wish Goodnight In German

Ready for your next language-learning adventure? Today we’re going to teach you the various ways to say good night in German and goodnight too – there’s a big difference between the two!

The simple forms of goodnight in Germany can also be used to say goodbye (Auf Wiedersehen)[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Auf Wiedersehen[/Speechword] to someone at the end of an evening. The two phrases can be used interchangeably.

However, when wishing someone goodnight at bedtime, you may wish someone a good night in German in a different manner, as in this situation you would not be bidding them goodbye. The Germans even have a sweet saying about getting a good night’s sleep:

Ein gutes Gewissen ist ein sanftes Ruhekissen [Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Ein gutes Gewissen ist ein sanftes Ruhekissen[/Speechword]

The literal translation is “a good conscience is a soft pillow” which means you will sleep well when your mind is at ease and nothing is bothering you.

So how do you send someone off in the evening in Germany? Do you say sweet dreams, good evening, good night, or goodnight?


The Difference Between A German Good Night And Goodnight

goodnight or good night in German

It doesn’t matter which foreign language you’re speaking, there’s a big difference between a good night (eine gute Nacht)[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]eine gute Nacht[/Speechword] and goodnight (Gute Nacht).[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Gute Nacht[/Speechword] People easily confuse the two so let’s learn when it’s appropriate to use each phrase.

Typically, you would say good night when describing an evening that was fun or nice. It was literally a good night. On the other hand, it’s appropriate to say goodnight as a send-off greeting to people who are heading home or to your friends you are saying goodbye to for the night.

Here are some examples of how to use good night in German:

  • I hope it is a good night (Ich hoffe, es ist eine gute Nacht)[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Ich hoffe, es ist eine gute Nacht[/Speechword]
  • I hope you have a good night (Ich hoffe du hast eine gute Nacht mein schatz)[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Ich hoffe du hast eine gute Nacht mein schatz[/Speechword]
  • I hope you had a good night (Ich hoffe, Sie hatten eine gute Nacht)[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Ich hoffe, Sie hatten eine gute Nacht[/Speechword]
  • Have a good night (Gute Nacht)[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Gute Nacht[/Speechword]
  • I wish you a good night (Ich wünsche Ihnen eine gute Nacht)[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Ich wünsche Ihnen eine gute Nacht[/Speechword]


How To Say Goodnight In German And Other Related Expressions

ways to say goodnight in German

The most common way to bid someone goodnight in German is Gute Nacht!” You can even shorten it to sound more like a native speaker and say, GutNacht!” A really informal way is to say, Nacht!” However, anyone other than your close friends and family would find this word a bit rude.

Besides Gute Nacht, what are other acceptable ways to say goodnight in German?

Good eveningGuten Abend[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Guten Abend[/Speechword]
See you tomorrowBis morgen[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Bis morgen[/Speechword]
See you in the morningSehe dich am Morgen[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Sehe dich am Morgen[/Speechword]
Sleep well / sleep tightSchlaf gut[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Schlaf gut[/Speechword]
Rest wellRuhe gut[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Ruhe gut[/Speechword]
It was lovely to see you tonightEs war schön, dich heute Abend zu sehen[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Es war schön, dich heute Abend zu sehen[/Speechword]
Tonight was wonderfulHeute Nacht war wunderbar[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Heute Nacht war wunderbar[/Speechword]
Get home safelySicher nach Hause kommen[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Sicher nach Hause kommen[/Speechword]
Thank you. GoodnightVielen Dank. Gute Nacht[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Vielen Dank. Gute Nacht[/Speechword]
Have a good eveningHab einen schönen Abend[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Hab einen schönen Abend[/Speechword]
Have a nice eveningSchönen Abend[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Schönen Abend[/Speechword]
Take care and goodnightMachs gut und gute Nacht[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Machs gut und gute Nacht[/Speechword]
Goodnight and good luckGute Nacht und schlaf gut[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Gute Nacht und schlaf gut[/Speechword]
Good night, sleep tight.Schlafen Sie gut[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Schlafen Sie gut[/Speechword]
It is time to say good nightNun ist es Zeit gute Nacht zu sagen[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Nun ist es Zeit gute Nacht zu sagen[/Speechword]
I wish you a good nightIch wünsche dir eine gute Nacht[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Ich wünsche dir eine gute Nacht[/Speechword]
Sleep nicelySchlaf gut[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Schlaf gut[/Speechword]

Romantic Or Personalized Ways To Say Goodnight In German

romantic ways to wish goodnight in German

Wishing goodnight to a loved one can be made a tad more special when you add that extra touch! Here are some romantic ways to wish someone a meaningful goodnight in German.

Dream of meTräume von mir[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Träume von mir[/Speechword]
I’ll be dreaming of youIch werde träumen[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Ich werde träumen[/Speechword]
Goodnight my love (to a man)Gute Nacht, mein Lieber[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Gute Nacht, mein Lieber[/Speechword]
Goodnight my love (to a woman)Gute Nacht, meine Liebe[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Gute Nacht, meine Liebe[/Speechword]
Dream beautifullyTräum was Schönes[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Träum was Schönes[/Speechword]
Sweet dreams ‘Träum süss/ Süße TräumeTräum süss/ Süße Träume[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Träum süss[/Speechword] [Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Süße Träume[/Speechword]
Dream something niceTräum schön[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Träum schön[/Speechword]
Good night and sweet dreamsGute Nacht und träum schön[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Gute Nacht und träum schön[/Speechword]
Good night and dream something beautifulGute Nacht und träum was Schönes![Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Gute Nacht und träum was Schönes![/Speechword]
Good night, sleep tightGute Nacht und schlaf gut[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Gute Nacht und schlaf gut[/Speechword]
Sleep well (formal way)Schlaf schön![Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Schlaf schön![/Speechword]
Sleep well (informal)Schlafen Sie gut[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Schlafen Sie gut[/Speechword]
Good night, darlingGute Nacht, mein Liebling[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Gute Nacht, mein Liebling[/Speechword]
Good night, sweetheartGute Nacht, Schatz[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Gute Nacht, Schatz[/Speechword]

Ways To Wish Children Goodnight In The German Language

say goodnight to kids in German

You may have children or are being visited by those who do in Germany. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to wish them sweet dreams?

Have a good sleepHaben Sie einen guten Schlaf[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Haben Sie einen guten Schlaf[/Speechword]
Lights out!Lichter aus![Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Lichter aus![/Speechword]
Good night and sleep tight (sleep well)!Gute Nacht und schlaf gut (schlaf gut)![Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Gute Nacht und schlaf gut (schlaf gut)![/Speechword]
Good night. Sweet dreamsGute Nacht. Schöne Träume[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Gute Nacht. Schöne Träume[/Speechword]
Goodnight my princeGute Nacht mein Prinz[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Gute Nacht mein Prinz[/Speechword]
Goodnight my princessGute Nacht meine Prinzessin[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Gute Nacht meine Prinzessin[/Speechword]
Nice dreamsschöne Träume[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]schöne Träume[/Speechword]

How to Ask A Friend Or Family Member About Their Evening

It can be nice to ask someone how their night out went. Here are some ways to greet people in the morning or the next day to see how their evening was.

  • Did you have a good night? (Hattest du eine gute Nacht?)[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Hattest du eine gute Nacht[/Speechword]
  • Was it a good night? (War es eine gute Nacht?)[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]schöne[/Speechword]
  • A good night, was it? (Eine gute Nacht, oder?)[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Eine gute Nacht, oder[/Speechword]
  • You sleep well? (Du hast gut geschlafen/ihr habt gut geschlafen)[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Du hast gut geschlafen/ihr habt gut geschlafen[/Speechword]
  • Did you have a pleasant night? (Hattest du eine angenehme Nacht?)[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Hattest du eine angenehme Nacht?[/Speechword]

To ask “How was your night?” or “How did you sleep?” in the morning in Germany, the most common question is Guten Morgen! Hast du gut geschlafen? (Good morning! Did you sleep well?)[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Guten Morgen! Hast du gut geschlafen[/Speechword]

The answer would be “Ja Ich habe gut geschlafen” (Yes, I slept well)[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Ja Ich habe gut geschlafen[/Speechword] or “Nein, ich habe nicht gut geschlafen” (No, I did not sleep well.)[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Nein, ich habe nicht gut geschlafen[/Speechword]


How To Say Good Night In Germany In Austria And Switzerland

Germany is spoken in many countries neighboring Germany although each country has its own dialect. For example, in Austria you might hear;

  • A guats Nächtle or Guat Nacht.[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]A guats Nächtle[/Speechword] / [Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Guat Nacht[/Speechword]

While over in Switzerland people say;

  • Schlof guet or Guäts Nachtli.[Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Schlof guet[/Speechword] / [Speechword voice=”Deutsch Female” isinline]Guäts Nachtli[/Speechword]


That’s All Folks!

If you’re reading this at night then we wish you a German goodnight,
Gute Nacht! Be sure to bookmark this for quick and easy access to all the ways to wish the people in your life goodnight in German, or soon to be in your life if you’re planning to visit Germany.


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