40+ Easy German Movie Theater Vocabulary

40+ Easy German Movie Theater Vocabulary

Are you a movie buff? Well, get ready for a cinema experience like no other because German movie theaters have got you covered! But hold on, before you dive into the world of all things films and choose your Sitzplatznummer (sit number), it’s important to brush up on some essential German movie theater vocabulary! That’s why in this post, we’ll explore the German terminologies you’ll need to navigate this topic like a pro. Let’s begin!

If you’re planning to hit up a Kino or a movie theater while you’re in Germany, I’ve got a secret sauce that will take your experience from good to absolutely mind-blowing: speaking the language! Trust me, when you whip out those German words and phrases like a pro, you’ll be amazed at how much smoother everything becomes.

Just imagine confidently purchasing your tickets, reserving the perfect seats, and effortlessly ordering your popcorn and Cola like a true local. Not only will you understand the process like a champ, but the locals will also appreciate your effort to connect through their language. It’s like having a backstage pass to winning hearts! Sounds exciting, right?

So if you’re ready to arm yourself with the best German terminologies and engage in friendly chitchat with other moviegoers and theater staff, then be sure to stick around as I introduce these words in the section below. Let’s go!

German Movie Theater Vocabulary

Grasping the vocabulary of German movie theaters provides a wonderful window into both the language and the country’s rich film history. It also enhances the overall cinematic experience, particularly for non-native German speakers. So in this section, let’s first focus on the common words related to the theater.

The advertisingdie Werbung
The cinema box officedie Kinokasse
The filmder Film
The last full showdie letzte Vorstellung
The movieder Spielfilm
The movie theaterdas Kino
The premieredie Premiere
The seatder Sitzplatz
The trailerder Trailer
Common Cinema Genres In German

Common Cinema Genres In German

Understanding movie genres in a foreign language expands your cinema vocabulary and helps in selecting the movies you prefer. Just like in English, German cinema has a rich variety of film genres. Let’s get to know each in the table below.

Action filmsActionfilme
Cartoon filmsZeichentrickfilme
Crime dramasKrimidramen
Documentary filmsDokumentarfilme
Horror filmsHorrorfilme
Rom-comsRomantische Komödien
Romantic filmsRomanzen
Science fiction filmsScience-Fiction-Filme
War filmsKriegsfilme

Which of the following is your favorite type of movie to watch? In case someone asks you this same question, you can use this basic sentence pattern to express your preference: Ich mag + Genre in German. Here are some example sentences to get you started!

  • I like romantic films = Ich mag romantische Filme.
  • I like war films = Ich mag Kriegsfilme.
  • I like horror films = Ich mag Horrorfilme.
  • I like cartoon films = Ich mag Zeichentrickfilme.
Common Cinema Genres In German

Things In The Cinema In German

When attending a movie in Germany, it’s beneficial to know the German terms for various objects and elements you’ll encounter. From buying a ticket to finding your seat, every part of the experience is enriched by understanding the local vocabulary. Let’s go over those and more in the table below!

The 3D glassesdie 3D-Brille
The aisleder Gang
The cinema hallder Kinosaal
The entry priceder Eintrittspreis
The exitder Ausgang
The popcorndas Popcorn
The rowdie Reihe
The screendie Leinwand
The seatder Sitzplatz
The seat numberdie Sitznummer
The snack bardie Snackbar
The soft drinkdas Erfrischungsgetränk
The stagedie Bühne
The ticketdie Eintrittskarte

Movie Snacks In German

A major part of the cinema experience is enjoying delicious food while watching the film. Just like any other place, Germany has its own traditional and popular movie snacks. Here are some common snacks you might enjoy in a German cinema.

Candydie Süßigkeiten
Cheese sticksdie Käsestangen
Chocolatedie Schokolade
Hot dogsdie Hotdogs
Ice creamdie Eiscreme
Nachosdie Nachos
Pizzadie Pizza
Popcorndas Popcorn
Pretzelsdie Brezeln
Soft drinksdie Erfrischungsgetränke

Now if you want to order any of these from the staff, you can just go right through the snack bar and use this basic sentence pattern: Ich hätte genre + Snacks in German.

  • I’d like popcorn = Ich hätte gerne Popcorn.
  • I’d like pretzels = Ich hätte gerne Brezeln.
  • I’d like cheese sticks = Ich hätte gerne Käsesticks.
  • I’d like a slice of pizza = Ich hätte gerne ein Stück Pizza.
Common Expressions Related To Theaters In German

Common Expressions Related To Theaters In German

Discussing movies is a universal pastime, and it’s no different in Germany. Knowing how to express your opinions or ask questions about films in German can greatly enhance your cinema experience, whether you’re chatting with friends or engaging in a debate online. Here are some common expressions related to movies in German.

What’s this movie about?Worum geht es in diesem Film?
I’m going to the cinema.Ich gehe ins Kino.
I’m watching a movie.Ich schaue einen Film.
This is my favorite movie.Das ist mein Lieblingsfilm.
The acting was excellent.Die schauspielerische Leistung war ausgezeichnet.
The plot was exciting.Die Handlung war aufregend.
That movie was really scary.Der Film war wirklich gruselig.
The special effects were amazing.Die Spezialeffekte waren beeindruckend.
I didn’t like the ending.Das Ende hat mir nicht gefallen.
What time is the movie?Wann läuft der Film?
I recommend this movie.Ich empfehle diesen Film.
The movie was a box office hit.Der Film war ein Kassenschlager.
The movie received mixed reviews.Der Film erhielt gemischte Kritiken.

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