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No Irish On Babbel: 2 Amazing Alternatives To Learn!

April 29, 2022
Komal Raza

Learning a new language becomes mandatory when you move into a new place. It helps you acquire many employment opportunities by getting to know about the culture and people of the place.

If you wish to move to Ireland or make an Irish friend learn ideas to observe and settle in all the new customs and traditions, so you don't face any language barrier to get along well in this place.
Did you find no Irish on Babbel while searching for an excellent language learning application on Google?

No worries, in this article, we will walk you through the two best alternatives to learning Irish effortlessly, so let's get started.


About The Irish Language

No Irish On Babbel

You must have heard Irish people call Irish the Gaelic language, a Goidelic language. You will be enlightened to know that it belongs to the insular Celtic branch of many other Celtic languages. All the Celtic languages have their roots in the Indo-European language family. Isn't it great?

If you see the different dialects of Irish speakers, you will observe three main Irish dialects: Munster Irish, Connacht Irish, and Ulster Irish. All these dialects depend on which part of the country (east or west) you live in.

However, the Irish writing system contains the Latin alphabet, and Standard Irish is deemed the official language of Ireland announced by the Irish government.


About Irish Speakers

Do you like to eat potato fries and wonder who grew potatoes for the first time? Let me tell you; it's Ireland where the potato was produced for the first time.

Have you ever seen people celebrating Halloween with great zeal and zest? You would be surprised to know that it's the Irish people who gave birth to the idea of the Halloween celebrations.


Interesting Facts About Ireland

No Irish On Babbel

Many countries have different national symbols, but it's surprising to see Island having a musical instrument as its national symbol. From this, we can understand how much these people love music.

Did you watch the most admirable movie Titanic? Let me tell you Titanic ship was built in Ireland.

Are you a food lover? If that's the case moving to Ireland is a nice idea as the country is famous for its mouth-watering food items like stew, Guinness pie, and many more.

If you want to acquire all the other interesting facts about Ireland, learning Irish can help you learn as much as you desire.

And if you find no Irish on Babbel, don't worry, as we have covered you with the two most amazing alternatives to ease your language learning complexities.


Irish Society

No Irish On Babbel

If you want to adapt to living in a society, learn its language. Studies suggest that language is a significant part of any culture through which we see how people perceive different ideas and how they express their opinions.

Are you a party animal? Then you are gonna love the cheerful and lively atmosphere of Ireland. Irish people love music and like to celebrate festivals with great enthusiasm. So if you want to be a part of their social gatherings, learn to appreciate the music around you.

Irish speakers are good at telling tales. Whenever you get a chance to talk to them, you find them having thoughtfully detailed conversations. So, if you want to mingle with them, learn to speak Irish, so you don't stay behind and catch up with their wonderful abilities to tell tales.

In addition, they have great skills in inventing things and wonderful athletic abilities to compete with the world in sports.

Irish people are very generous. They like to help everyone who is in need, so if you get stuck in a difficult situation, don't worry; Irish people will reach out to you to help you out. They can be amazing Friends!

If you get a chance to visit an Irish family, you will be delighted to see their happy faces as they welcome their guests with open arms. But, they don't say 'welcome.' They say tá fáilte romhat which means 'welcoming you in 1000 ways.' Isn't it meaningful and lovely?


Speak Irish With Two Amazing Apps

During my stay in Ireland, I was so happy and excited to be a part of all Irish wonderful traditions and customs. When the Irish native speakers talked to me, they would speak Irish fluently and tell great tales. While talking, I would thoroughly enjoy it.

But soon, I realized that speaking Irish would help me have the best time in Ireland. Then I looked for Babbel, an efficient language learning application.

But guess what? There was no Irish on Babbel! Instead, I got two life-saving apps that made my language learning journey the most enjoyable and the easiest.

So let me reveal the most amazing language learning applications that would allow you to have the best learning experience.

#1 The Ling App

Learn languages with Ling

The top on the list is the Ling app, a well-known language learning application. This application offers you numerous benefits to learning Irish or other languages easily.

You can acquire the Ling app to learn all Irish vocabulary, grammar rules, and basic structure on the go. You would be surprised to know the fact that it's completely free.

The Ling app helps you evaluate yourself. It keeps you informed about the various learning levels you can see yourself progress from basic to advanced levels, and practice makes you perfect.

This Ling app is perfect for complete beginners. Get a hold of this app and start learning the Irish language.

#2 The Culturlann — For Listening And Learning Concepts About Irish Gaelic

The next most remarkable language learning application is the Culturlann which can help you enhance your language skills in no time.

If you wish to hear the Irish accent and follow the same way, the Culturlann has covered you. Get the hang of its high-quality recorded podcasts to practice your Irish accent and learn the Irish pronunciation of common Irish words and phrases easily. This way, your learning, and listening skills will be enhanced.

It has an extensive library with 23 episodes for beginners, along with which the inclusion of a native accent makes it unique you can easily pronounce all the words and phrases you learned.

It helps you practice conversational Irish when you practice different Irish dialogues recorded by the native Irish speakers.

So select any topic or subject of your choice, talk about and start practicing, as learning a language was never that easy.

So if you see no Irish on Babbel, don't worry. Look for these two amazing language learning applications to help you learn Irish effortlessly to join other Irish speakers in smooth conversations.


Learn Irish With The Best Learning Apps!

Ireland is a beautiful place with exciting music festivals and scrumptious food items. If you have recently moved into Ireland or thinking of pairing up with an Irish partner, learn to speak Irish Gaelic.

Talking to someone in his native language can help you form stronger relations and better understand their emotions. If you find no Hungarian on Babbel, try out the Ling app to learn Hungarian in no time.

I hope you will not worry about finding any Irish on Babbel anymore. The Ling app and the Culturlann are the two outstanding language learning applications that can take care of all your language learning needs.

Get hold of these amazing applications and initiate your learning journey today. 

Are you ready to learn Irish?

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Komal Raza

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