40+ Must-Know Funny Irish Phrases

Do you want to learn how to impress the locals using Irish Gaelic? We’ve compiled a list where you can discover some funny Irish phrases to interact with the Irish locals like a champ. As we all know, adding humor in your conversations with them may help you win a lot of pats on the back. If you are ready for it, then let’s get started!

Drink-Related Phrases

The drinking culture is prevalent in Ireland. It would not be wrong to say the Irish people drink every day instead of every week. Even the dating culture in Ireland revolves around the idea of talking and drinking in pubs. To put it simply, the locals view drinking as a way to celebrate and properly mourn over something. Let’s look at some funny Irish sayings about drinking and say cheers.

  • Is cosúil nach bhfuil aon beoir i Paradise, agus is é sin an fáth a ólann muid anseo é. This phrase means, “There seems to be no beer in paradise, which is why we drink it here.” It’s no wonder that many Irish people enjoy beer, and this sentiment is wonderfully captured in this statement.
  • Is é an deoch mallacht na talún. Déanann sé troid leat le do chomharsa. Déanann sé tú ag lámhach ar do thiarna talún, agus cuireann sé chailleann tú air. The phrase above means, “the drink is the curse of the earth. It makes you fight with your neighbor. It makes you shoot at your landlord and makes you miss him.” This means that while you are drunk, you might not acknowledge much, but you start missing your landlord once you are sober. Don’t kill the neighbor, and you can apologize in Irish anytime.
  • Ní póite é seo – is é fliú na hÉireann é. This means, “this is not a hangover – it is the flu of Ireland.” This is so common in Ireland that the people have started using the word Irish “flu” instead of a hangover.
  • Is é caife Éireannach amháin a sholáthraíonn na ceithre ghrúpa bia riachtanacha in aon ghloine amháin: alcól, caiféin, siúcra agus saill. This phrase means, “Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and fat.” In Ireland, even that coffee has the element which can easily make you fall asleep!

Other Funny Irish Sayings

Besides the funny Irish sayings about drinking, there are other ways of being funny and even sarcastic in Irish. Let’s now look at some examples:

  • Go n-íosfaidh an cat thú agus go n-íosfaidh an diabhal an cat. This phrase literally translates to, “may the cat eat you, and the devil eats the cat.” If any animal, would eat a person and then the devil eats that animal, then there is very less chance of getting that person back. This would help you get rid of that person forever and hence your problem would be solved.
  • Cuir biorán ann. This means, “put a pin in it.” This phrase is used to propose revisiting a topic and debating it later. This phrase is frequently heard in the workplace. It seems like an excuse to avoid doing anything. If you are losing a debate because your opponent has really good facts, then you can borrow some time. That is why it seems smart and funny at the same time.
  • Go gcoinní an Tiarna ina bhois thú agus go deo gan a dhorn a dhúnadh ró-dhian. This means, “may the Lord hold you in His palm and never close His fist too tightly. May your efforts be rewarded and protected, with few and far between setbacks.” Even though it is a highly significant remark, it appears to have a double meaning, which is not a genuine feeling, but because the Irish like dark comedy.
  • Go dtaitneodh an Tiarna Maith leat — ach ní ró-luath. This means, “may the Lord take a liking to you, but maybe not so soon.” It’s kind of funny when we say this to someone, even in any other language, as it’s pretty obvious that this “maybe” used in phrase adds spice to this kind of religious phrase.
  • Bíodh croí agat. This means “have a heart.” You may already be aware that the heart is associated with compassion and love in Irish (and other) cultures, as well as emotions and sentiments in a broader sense, as it is in British culture. If someone has a little Irish heart, then that might mean that they lack the right amount of love and compassion for something.
  • Is iad mo Chairde na Cairde is fearr Dílis, toilteanach agus cumasach. Anois téimis ag ól! Gach spéaclaí as an tábla. This means, “My Friends are the Best Friends Loyal, willing, and able. Now let’s get to drinking! All glasses off the table.” Learn this phrase before seeing your friends or loved ones since it is generally known that the majority of Irish people enjoy a drink, which is nicely represented throughout this traditional Irish phrase.
  • Go raibh do thrioblóidí chomh beag agus chomh fada óna chéile le fiacla mo sheanmháthair. This literally means, “may your troubles be as few and as far apart as my grandmother’s teeth.” Earlier generations in Ireland may not get the same exposure to dental treatment as we do now, as they would readily admit.
  • Bíodh do chaife láidir agus do Dé Luain gearr. This phrase means, “May your coffee be strong, and your Monday be short.” To clarify, almost everyone despises Mondays because it is the first day following the weekend and most people don’t look forward to it, hence want shorter Mondays!
  • Go maire tú céad bliain, agus bliain sa bhreis chun aithrí a dhéanamh. This means, “may you live to be a hundred years, with one extra year to repent.” What makes this phrase so funny is that you can’t actually understand whether the person is a well-wisher or belittler.

Funny Irish Slang Words

Minus Craic

Since we are discussing some of the funny Irish phrases, we should also look into some Irish slang words used for situations that are not funny. A funny Irish expression to call a person who is extremely boring is Minus craic.

The word craic in the Irish language largely refers to “fun” or “interesting,” so when you say minus craic, it means extracting the fun from a situation or a certain person. This is also why a very common phrase to greet someone in Irish is by saying, “What’s The Craic?”

If you know the meaning of craic, then that can open many doors for you. Craic might not mean much in the English Language, but in Irish culture, the word craic is used a lot.

Jesus, Mary, And Joseph

A very fun phrase that might give any non-Irish person a good laugh is Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. This is generally used by the older generation in Irish, especially mothers. When their children are being annoying, and they are testing their patience, the mothers often say this phrase so that the children can understand their pain.

You can also use it with a friend who is not getting your point even after explaining it over a million times. This can signify a native Irish person that you are aware of the Irish sayings, which you might not have heard in a very long time.

Taking The Piss

When someone is teasing someone else, they often say that we were taking a piss. This is a funny way of being a sneaky person and not getting all the blame. Many people in Ireland often have a fair play in this regard and call others out in the name of a funny phrase that is taking a piss.

Feel free to use this phrase in your everyday conversation. In the Irish lingo, taking a piss is one of the very common Irish sayings and thus an excellent way for people to communicate and have fun with each other.

Funny Irish Proverbs

Irish PhrasesEnglish translation
Seo chugainn ár mná céile agus cailíní (fear céile agus buachaill)! Ná buailfidh siad choíche!Here come our wives and girls (husband and boyfriend)! Never hit them!
Níl tuairim ar bith ag na hÉireannaigh cad atá uathu – agus tá siad réidh troid chun báis chun é a fháil!The Irish have no idea what they want – and are ready to fight to the death to get it!
Más mí-úsáid í atá uait, pós. Más moladh é atá uait, faigh bás.If you want abuse, get married. If you want praise, die.
Is iomaí uair a bhris béal fir a shrón.Many times a man’s mouth broke his nose.
Is é an t-aon leigheas ar an ngrá ná pósadhThe only cure for love is marriage
Ólann muid agus a fháil ar meisce. Nuair a théimid ar meisce, titeann muid inár chodladh. Nuair a thitimid inár gcodladh, ní dhéanaimid aon pheaca. Ní dhéanaimid aon pheaca agus téighimid chun na bhflaitheas. Mar sin bímis go léir ar meisce agus dul chun na bhflaitheas!We drink and get drunk. When we get drunk, we fall asleep. When we fall asleep, we do not sin. We sin not, and we go to heaven. So let’s all get drunk and go to heaven!
Ní raibh i mbiachlár mo mháthar ach dhá mhír: tóg é nó fág é.My mother’s menu contained only two items: take it or leave it.
Ar neamh, níl aon beoir ann agus is é seo an fáth a ólann muid anseo.Heaven, there is no beer and this is why we drink here.
Thug na hÉireannaigh píobáin do na hAlbanaigh mar joke. Tá siad fós chun an joke a fháil.The Irish gave pipes to the Scots as a joke. They have yet to get the joke.
Cheap Dia fuisce chun cosc ​​a chur ar na hÉireannaigh smacht a chur ar an domhan.God devised whiskey to prevent the Irish from taking control of the world.
Is iad gáire maith agus codladh fada an dá leigheas is fearrGood laughter and long sleep are the two best remedies
Ní fhaca mé é le blianta anuasI haven’t seen him in donkey’s years
Cén fáth a mbíonn tú i gcónaí ag aisteoireacht an chruimh?Why are you always acting the maggot?
Ní féidir leat sparán síoda a dhéanamh as cluas cránachYou can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear
Caithfidh tú do fhás féin a dhéanamh, is cuma cé chomh hard is a bhí do sheanathair.You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was.
Cad é an scéal, a chapaill?What’s the story, horse?
Ná bíodh aon bhliain bhreise agat gan mise.May you not get even one extra year without me.
Go bhfaighidh tú do chuid Éireannach eile, rud nach mise.May you find your other irish part, which can’t be me.
Teastaíonn uaim fíorghrá a fháil, rachaimid chuig an teach tábhairne.I wanna find true love, let’s head to the pub.
Múin dom focail bhraite Gaeilge agus múinfidh mé duit cathain is ceart iad a úsáid.Teach me Irish slang words, and I’ll teach you when to use them.
Níl mé cinnte an gcloisfinn nuair a fhaigheann tú bás, ach is cinnte go mbeidh cóisir mhór cheiliúrtha ar siúl agam.I am not sure if I would cry when you die, but I am definitely going to throw a grand celebration party.

Wrapping Up

funny Irish phrases

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Happy Learning!

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