The Best List Of 100 Personality Terms In Tagalog

Personality Terms In Tagalog

Are you in the middle of learning Tagalog? Do you want to learn more than just greetings, emergency phrases, and basic vocabulary and phrases? Well, you’re in luck because we’ll be going over 100 personality terms in Tagalog! That’s right, by the end of this blog post, you’ll have a complete list of personality vocabulary to use either on your next trip to the Philippines or if you’re in the Philippines right now.

We know the list might be overwhelming at first, but as a language learner, you should know that all it takes is some time, effort, and practice before you’re able to master the language. So, be sure to either save this post to your computer or phone or take some handwritten notes so that you can practice and learn these terms for real!

Where Is Tagalog Spoken?

In case you don’t know or need a refresher, Tagalog is one of the official languages of the Philippines, an island country located in Southeast Asia.

We say it’s one of the official languages because there are several languages spoken and recognized throughout the Philippines. These days, the top three languages used in the Philippines are Filipino, Tagalog, and English.

If you’re ever confused about the difference between Filipino and Tagalog, don’t be. It’s really very simple. Tagalog is the less standardized form of Filipino and is often spoken as a first language amongst ethnic Tagalog people (approximately 25% of the Philippine population). However, even non-ethnic Tagalog people are familiar with the language and often use it as a second language!

personality terms in tagalog what are filipino like

What Are Filipinos Like?

Before we start learning Tagalog adjectives, we should know the general characteristics of Filipino people.

Many people who have visited the Philippines often regard Filipinos as joyful, heartwarming people. Not a bad reputation, right? In fact, Filipinos are great guests and friends to have because they are very hospitable (mapagpatuloy), meaning that they are friendly and welcoming towards strangers.

For example, if you ever get injured in the Philippines, don’t be shocked if a stranger offers to take care of you! Filipinos will often go to great lengths to be hospitable to their company.

Now that we’ve briefly gone over the Tagalog language and Filipinos, let’s learn some new words so that you can describe others in the Filipino language!

Personality Terms In Tagalog To Know!

Are you ready to learn 100 personality terms in Tagalog? If the answer is yes, start reading!

Vocabulary Terms A-G

Adventurousmalakas ang loob[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]malakas ang loob[/Speechword]
Affectionatemapagmahal[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]mapagmahal[/Speechword]
Ambitiousambisyoso[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]ambisyoso[/Speechword]
Angrygalit[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]galit[/Speechword]
Annoyedinis[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]inis[/Speechword]
Anxiousbalisa[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]balisa[/Speechword]
Arrogantmayabang[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]mayabang[/Speechword]
Boldmatapang[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]matapang[/Speechword]
Bossybossy[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]bossy[/Speechword]
Bravematapang[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]matapang[/Speechword]
Calmkalmado[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]kalmado[/Speechword]
Candidtapat[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]tapat[/Speechword]
Caringnagmamalasakit[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]nagmamalasakit[/Speechword]
Charismaticcharismatic[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]charismatic[/Speechword]
Charmingkaakit-akit[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]kaakit-akit[/Speechword]
Cheerfulmasayahin[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]masayahin[/Speechword]
Clevermatalino[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]matalino[/Speechword]
Clumsymalamya[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]malamya[/Speechword]
Compassionatemahabagin[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]mahabagin[/Speechword]
Complacentkampante[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]kampante[/Speechword]
Confidenttiwala[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]tiwala[/Speechword]
Confusednalilito[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]nalilito[/Speechword]
Conscientiousmatapat[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]matapat[/Speechword]
Consideratemaalalahanin[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]maalalahanin[/Speechword]
Cooperativekooperatiba[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]kooperatiba[/Speechword]
Courageousmatapang[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]matapang[/Speechword]
Cowardlyduwag[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]duwag[/Speechword]
Creativemalikhain[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]malikhain[/Speechword]
Curiousmausisa[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]mausisa[/Speechword]
Dauntlesswalang takot[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]walang takot[/Speechword]
Dependablemaaasahan[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]maaasahan[/Speechword]
Diligentmasipag[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]masipag[/Speechword]
Disrespectfulwalang galang[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]walang galang[/Speechword]
Eagersabik[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]sabik[/Speechword]
Easy-goingrelaks lang[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]relax lang[/Speechword]
Energeticmasigla[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]masigla[/Speechword]
Excitednasasabik[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]nasasabik[/Speechword]
Fiercemabangis[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]mabangis[/Speechword]
Friendlypalakaibigan[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]palakaibigan[/Speechword]
Funnynakakatawa[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]nakakatawa[/Speechword]
Generousmapagbigay[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]mapagbigay[/Speechword]
Gratefulnagpapasalamat[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]nagpapasalamat[/Speechword]
Greedymatakaw[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]matakaw[/Speechword]
Gulliblemapanlinlang[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]mapanlinlang[/Speechword]

Vocabulary Terms H-R

Happymasaya[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]masaya[/Speechword]
Hardworkingmasipag[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]masipag[/Speechword]
Honesttapat[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]tapat[/Speechword]
Humblemapagpakumbaba[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]mapagpakumbaba[/Speechword]
Ignorantignorante[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]ignorante[/Speechword]
Imaginativemapanlikha[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]mapanlikha[/Speechword]
Impatientnaiinip[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]naiinip[/Speechword]
Impolitebastos[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]bastos[/Speechword]
Impulsivepabigla-bigla[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]pabigla-bigla[/Speechword]
Innocentinosente[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]inosente[/Speechword]
Intelligentmatalino[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]matalino[/Speechword]
Lazytamad[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]tamad[/Speechword]
Lovingmapagmahal[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]mapagmahal[/Speechword]
Loyaltapat[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]tapat[/Speechword]
Messymagulo[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]magulo[/Speechword]
Mischievousmalikot[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]malikot[/Speechword]
Neatmaayos[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]maayos[/Speechword]
Nervouskinakabahan[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]kinakabahan[/Speechword]
Noisymaingay[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]maingay[/Speechword]
Obnoxiouskasuklam-suklam[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]kasuklam-suklam[/Speechword]
Optimisticoptimistiko[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]optimistiko[/Speechword]
Patientmapagtiis[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]mapagtiis[/Speechword]
Peacefulmapayapa[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]mapayapa[/Speechword]
Persuasivemapanghikayat[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]mapanghikayat[/Speechword]
Pessimisticpesimista[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]pesimista[/Speechword]
Politemagalang[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]magalang[/Speechword]
Punctualmaagap[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]maagap[/Speechword]
Quiettahimik[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]tahimik[/Speechword]
Reliablemaaasahan[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]maaasahan[/Speechword]
Respectfulmagalang[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]magalang[/Speechword]
Responsibleresponsable[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]responsable[/Speechword]
rudebastos[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]bastos[/Speechword]
personality terms in tagalog smart matalino

Vocabulary Terms S-W

Selfishmakasarili[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]makasarili[/Speechword]
Shynahihiya[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]nahihiya[/Speechword]
Sinceretaos-puso[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]taos-puso[/Speechword]
Smartmatalino[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]matalino[/Speechword]
Stubbornmatigas ang ulo[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]matigas ang ulo[/Speechword]
Studiousmasipag mag-aral[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]masipag mag-aral[/Speechword]
Stupidbobo[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]bobo[/Speechword]
Submissivesunud-sunuran[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]sunud-sunuran[/Speechword]
Talkativemadaldal[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]madaldal[/Speechword]
Thoughtfulmaalalahanin[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]maalalahanin[/Speechword]
Thoughtlesswalang iniisip[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]walang iniisip[/Speechword]
Tolerantmapagparaya[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]mapagparaya[/Speechword]
Trustworthymapagkakatiwalaan[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]mapagkakatiwalaan[/Speechword]
Valiantmagiting[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]magiting[/Speechword]
Warm-heartedmainit ang loob[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]mainit ang loob[/Speechword]
Wisematalino[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]matalino[/Speechword]
Wittymatalino[Speechword voice=”Filipino Female” isinline]matalino[/Speechword]

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