No Tagalog On Busuu? The 2 Painless Free Resources

Want to learn Tagalog and sound like a native speaker but you found out that there is no Tagalog on Busuu? In today’s post, we will share with you the two user-friendly alternative apps and how these can literally change your way of learning. If you are up for a challenge and found yourself understanding a foreign language better through gamified content, then this post is perfect for you!

A number of online research suggest that all of us have distinct learning styles when it comes to a foreign language. Some find it better to have physical copies of books with lessons starting from the most complex ones like grammar exercises, vocabulary lists, and pronunciation guides. If you have more resources, you might even want to immerse yourself directly with the language and culture by traveling, taking scholarship opportunities, or getting a job there to pressure yourself to learn. 

On the flip side, other people may start by memorizing or listening to audio files of useful phrases used by native speakers or upskilling through basic conversations. Though if you find yourself looking for that “academic” touch, you might want to consider enrolling in a specific language course where you can have a native-speaking teacher and practice with other language learners. Luckily, a lot of native speakers have started offering language classes via Zoom or other video conferencing platforms! Amazing, right?

And to be honest, there is nothing wrong with all of those means! At the end of the day, what really should fuel your foreign language learning goal is your personal desire to learn. As long as you are really dedicated and motivated, you can instantly learn both the hardest and easiest languages in the world! We all know that it may sound challenging but unlocking a new language actually offers several pros! Here are some:

  1. You get more opportunities to connect with other people.
  2. Get promoted, earn more, and work on positions related to communication.
  3. You can help bridge the gap between cultures!
  4. Fight off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease!
  5. Improve your memory and learn how to multitask

Learning A Language With Busuu

We are lucky to be born at a time wherein almost everything can be found online. Come to think of it, if you are a language learner from the olden days, you will need to hire a personal instructor to teach and check on your progress. Today, you can do all that and so much more with learning applications. By using these, you allow yourself to be more open to the idea of becoming accountable for your learning. 

Contrary to common ideas, applications are built not just for games. If you will check on the categories, you will find out that there are actually a number of educational downloadable right at your pocket! From teaching you technical subjects such as math, science, programming, to even skills like sewing, cooking, and learning a new language. Ready to unlock the possibilities? Read on below to learn more!

No Tagalog On Busuu?

It is easy to say that you can stock up on CDs, language learning software, take online classes, or read books, but we got to admit that these materials can be pretty pricey. Now, if you are interested in language learning lessons in the form of a game, a story, or a conversation, then downloading a free app resource is the best thing you can do today. 

Luckily there several free ones out there available for Android, Apple, or web-based viewing. Some of the free ones are Duolingo, Ling App, and Memrise. Another notable language learning app that is quickly becoming popular is the Busuu.

If you have been brushing up on your skills in German, Spanish, French, Italian, or Chinese, we bet that you have already come across Busuu. Busuu is available to download for free and it comes with a helpful set of language courses along with practice quizzes, grammar lessons, and official certificates (for a paid premium membership).

No Tagalog On Busuu?

Unfortunately, the application does not have a wide range of languages under its belt. In fact, it only has 12 foreign languages which do not include Tagalog. This special Asian language is one of the most requested ones since you can easily find a Filipino in any country. With this being said, Tagalog is an easy language to practice and this is the reason why it is attracting language enthusiasts.

From the way we see it, it seems that Busuu is more interested in offering lessons for commonly spoken languages. Similar to our review on Babbel, it is possible that the developers also thought on top of their heads is that Filipinos are already good in English… so why bother learning (or adding) about their national language? Well, lucky for you because I have here two free materials that you can use instead.

Language Learning With Free Resources!

Now that we know that there is no Tagalog language lesson on Busuu, you might be wondering if there are still other free language materials that you can also check out. Worry no more because, in this part of the post, we will be listing down two free resources for learning lessons on Tagalog grammar, a list of native words and phrases spoken by the locals, as well as fun interactive quizzes to help you learn in just a few minutes.

The Ling App – Best for Learning Grammar, Vocabulary Words, and Pronunciation

Interested to learn a language following a more holistic approach?

The Ling App is one of the newest leaders in teaching foreign languages and it holds a massive set of available lessons dealing not only with the most popular ones but also the least spoken languages in the world. It comes with a free app available via Playstore and Applestore but you can also learn using its web-based platform.

Choose from over 60 languages and start learning the basics by listening to audio files (spoken by native speakers), repeating the pronunciation guides, and practicing your vocabulary through games and social interactions!

By signing up, you can easily track your progress, get notifications, and unlock a comprehensive explanation whenever you answer any of the questions. Undoubtedly, it is engineered to help enhance your skills in as little as 10 minutes so that you can reach a certain level of proficiency each month.

Simply Learn – Best for Learning Native Tagalog Phrases

No Tagalog On Babbel? The 2 Best Free Resources

Interested to learn phrases under a wide range of categories on the go? Simply Learn is definitely one of the things you should watch out for. 

Learning a new language does not have to be hard nor do you need to be consistently online just to learn a foreign language. By installing Simply Learn by Simya Solutions, you can get a list of words, phrases, and common sentences and questions used by native speakers. It is an updated phrasebook that does not contain traditional (or almost obsolete) entries but it prides itself with authentic conversational pieces perfect for everyday use.

Each statement comes with an audio file so that you get a feel of how to pronounce it in the most authentic ways. It also gives you a glimpse of Filipino traditions as you can see formal and informal types entries depending on who you are speaking with. For a language learning app that has your back in every step of the way, trust only Simply Learn!

Learn A New Language In Just 10 Minutes!

See that? Learning a new language definitely does not mean that you have to pay a lot to get structured lessons, courses, and pricey exercises. By simply downloading the free language resources above, you can take your learning on the go! Install the Ling App and Simply Learn today!

As I end this post, I hope that I was able to give you a proper recommendation based on your needs for learning Tagalog. If you enjoyed this post, feel free to download the suggested apps and read on our special Tagalog-related blog posts for more tips about the language, the people, and the colorful tradition that the Philippines have to offer.

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