#1 Best Guide: Boracay Travel Requirements [2024]

#1 Best Guide Boracay Travel Requirements [2024]

What’s up, friends? Germaine here – part-time Boracay explorer extraordinaire, full-time fan of fun in the Philippines sun. And I gotta tell ya, I’ve been getting blown up lately with questions about the Boracay travel requirements for 2024. I can’t blame you guys! I mean, the health forms and safety protocols can be such a headache.

In this post, you can finally leave those anxiety alerts on silent. Whether you wanna rage till dawn with shots of Tanduay or just curl up your toes in the sand with a good book, my complete guide breaks down everything you need to know for smooth sailing to some of Asia’s most drop-dead gorgeous shores. Oh, and I’ll also share with you some useful Tagalog words. Sound great? Then let’s do this!

Boracay Travel Requirements

Boracay Travel Requirements

Proof Of Vaccination

Before you break out the summer jams playlist and fantasize about sunset strolls on White Beach, fully vaccinated tourists should make sure their vaccination certificate is in order! That means having your WHO International Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis (very official sounding, I know). Or, at the very minimum, pack that vaccination card or certificate issued when you got your shots back home.

Double-check that your doses and boosters are valid and up to date per Philippine Government guidelines before traveling. As of 2024, two primary doses plus a booster is the standard. Bring along complete records, as spot checks are likely during your travel journey and hotel check-in.

I definitely did that whole panic-pat-down realizing my vax card was buried somewhere in my carry-on bag through airport security! Not a stress-free moment, but a small price to pay for paradise. Trust me, the Philippines are strict with their health and safety protocols.

And while rules are gradually relaxing, it’s wise to still pack a few KN95 masks in case certain venues or activities require them. Oh, and if you managed to skip getting any shots, it’s unfortunately no entry to Boracay yet.

Negative RT-PCR test

Now for those partially vaccinated tourists, all hope for a Boracay island vacay isn’t lost! But there is an extra hoop to jump through beforehand.

To visit the island, you’ll need to take an RT-PCR test no more than 72 hours before your flight departure. And it needs to obviously come back negative. These tests detect the main coronavirus strain and some variants with a nasal swab or saliva sample.

The catch is that the test must be administered and certified by one of the Philippine Department of Tourism’s accredited labs. Check out the full list of approved test facilities on the DOT website so you get the right one. We’re talking high-precision, internationally-certified labs here!

Once you get your results (paws crossed), print out copies to present at each checkpoint – airports, the Caticlan jetty port, hotels, etc. Going the extra mile shows you’re a responsible tourist committed to keeping Boracay open and safe in this in-between time!

Confirmed Hotel Or Resort Booking

Given Boracay’s reopening rules, make absolutely sure any hotel or resort you book has current DOT certification to host tourists. We’re talking an official Certificate of Authority or Provisional Certificate to Operate.

I definitely almost made the mistake of reserving a cute boutique place from an old listicle online before double-checking. Whoops! Thankfully, a quick scan of their website and socials showed they are part of the accredited Boracay hotels. Crisis averted!

Most spots advertise their DOT certificates openly to attract foreign visitors who do research (smart thinking, go you!) But if you’re not sure, drop them a friendly email or DM asking for confirmation.

The last thing you want is to show up fresh off the ferry, ready to check in, only to get denied with invalid stay vouchers. That’ll throw a wrench in even the most relaxing vacay mood!


Double and triple-check that your passport meets Philippines visa requirements with at least 6 months minimum validity. As a tourist, you’ll likely qualify for visa-free entry of up to 30 days but don’t leave it to chance! So do your homework confirming all those fiddly visa qualifications and durations specific to your home country. The last thing you want is to scrap the whole trip!

Valid ID

While your passport is absolutely essential for entering the Philippines and Boracay, I’d recommend bringing another ID as a backup. Consider it a just in case!

At various points in your travel journey – airport check-ins, security queues, hotel arrivals – you may need to present identification. And carrying just your passport around everywhere increases risks of damage or loss. Not to fearmonger! But I’ve heard one too many horror stories from fellow wanderers.

So be sure to tuck another government-issued ID in your carry-on or safe storage. Driver’s licenses, national identity cards, and student ID cards can all work. I usually stash my license as a backup since it has my name, photo, and birth date.

Pro tip: Snap pics of your passport/ID and save them somewhere accessible offline, like your phone gallery. Worst case, you have the key details available if anything happens to the physical copies before reaching paradise.

Tagalog Words For Your Boracay Entry Needs

Tagalog Words For Your Boracay Entry Needs

Making sure you meet all of Boracay’s entry rules doesn’t have to be a tangled maze of paperwork and web searches. And sprinkling in a few super casual Tagalog phrases? Now THAT can get helpful guidance from friendly locals.

Here are the basics to listen out for and use at verification points.


Translation: Passport
Be ready to promptly present this every step of the travel journey.


Translation: Vaccine
Show proof you are ‘bakunado’ – meaning vaccinated – against COVID-19.


Translation: Negative
For any required COVID tests, hope for that magic word negatibo on results!

Hotel reserbasyon

Translation: Hotel reservation
Confirm you have prepaid ‘reserbasyon’ at an approved resort/hotel.


Translation: May I see?
Politely request to view or present travel documents.

Ayos lang

Translation: Alright / OK
What you want to hear to breeze through checkpoints and onto the island!

Ready For The Island Vibes?

Well, I hope these tips help you breeze through all the entry paperwork, airport queues, transfers, and arrivals to set foot on gorgeous Boracay soil!

The hardest part is over. Now comes the blissful part – soaking up the island life experience that makes Boracay legendary across the globe! We’re talking beach hopping, epic sunsets, water adventures, seafood grills, chill sessions, and awesome culture immersion.

And to pick up even more handy local phrases beyond the basics I shared, download the Ling app. This nifty language learning tool packs quick bite-sized gamified lessons, quizzes, and more to grow your Tagalog vocabulary nicely. Because while English is common across Philippines tourism spots, sprinkling in native phrases better connects you with locals and enhances your travel experience.

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