100+ Spanish House Vocabulary: The Easiest Guide

Are you interested in learning Spanish house vocabulary?

There are many rooms, parts of a house, and items you can find regardless of the size of the building. Today’s new vocabulary lesson will help you learn all these essential vocabulary to increase and improve your knowledge of Spanish common words and phrases and prepare you to have conversations with the locals.

But before diving into this long vocabulary list by category, you should learn the most important terms for this lesson, ‘house’ and ‘room’ in Spanish.


How To Say ‘House’ And ‘Room’ In Spanish?

These Spanish terms are different from the English words you are familiar with; however, I will explain the meaning and origin and include some sentence examples so that you can remember them faster. 

Note: Don’t forget to listen to the sound to practice your listening and speaking skills. 

The word for ‘house’ is ‘casa’ in its singular form. In the plural form, you must add an ‘as’ at the end’ to form ‘Casas.‘ 

Now, this is where it gets a bit tricky. A room in Spanish is ‘Cuarto’ while many rooms are ‘Cuartos.‘ But! There are other words that you may often listen to ‘habitación’ (singular) and ‘Habitaciones’ (plural). 

Both terms mean ‘room.’ However, you need to know when to use each, as some house rooms may not fall under the description of one or the other.

For instance, a bedroom is a ‘Cuarto’ or ‘Habitación,” but a living room can’t be called a ‘Habitación.’ 

How would you know the differences? Easy! Use the term ‘Cuarto’ for any house room and ‘habitación’ only for the bedroom. This way, you will avoid confusion! 

To clarify, ‘Habitación’ is a habitable room of a house enclosed by walls and a door mainly used to sleep. Example:

  • Mi casa tiene 4 habitaciones, 3 baños, cocina, sala y comedor. (My house has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, and dining room.)

As you can see in the example above, I used the word ‘Habitaciones’ to talk about the bedrooms because it is the most appropriate way to refer to this kind of room. According to this sentence, the total number of rooms this house has is 10! 

Note: there is another word to refer to the bedrooms, so keep reading to soak up more great house vocabulary in Spanish! 

Now, let’s see the origins and meanings.

The etymology of ‘Casa’

This term comes from the Latin word ‘casa,’ which at the time meant a palace to live and protect from the cold or heat, but it was more like a hut made of stakes and branches. In turn, this Latin term comes from a Hebrew word כסה (kisá), meaning weave and cover. 

  • Mi casa es de color azúl por fuera. (My house is blue on the outside.)
  • Mi sueño es vivir en una casa frente al mar. (My dream is to live in a house facing the sea.)

The etymology of ‘Cuartos’ 

This origin is pretty easy to remember. The word comes from the Latin’ Quartus,’ meaning ‘fourth part’ (Cuatro = Four). People started using the word because a typical living area was formerly divided into four parts, even until this day, so it makes sense to call it ‘Cuatro.’

  • El cuarto de baño está siguiendo el pasillo a la derecha. (The bathroom is down the hall to the right.)


What Are The Rooms Of A House In Spanish?

Now that you know the words for house and room in Spanish, you are all set to begin learning the parts of a home.

There are so many types of houses in the world. Although, they have things in common such as the bathroom, the bedroom, etc. Depending on the country and culture, you will see a variation in how these rooms are constructed or used.

spanish house vocabulary casas latinoamérica quito ecuador

Let’s cover the essentials of rooms and parts of a house: 

  • La cocina (The kitchen)
  • La sala/El living (The living room)
  • El cuarto /La habitación/El dormitorio (The bedroom)
  • El jardín (The garden)
  • El comedor (The dining room) 
  • El ático (The attic)
  • El sótano (The basement)
  • El baño (The bathroom) 
  • El estudio (Studio Office)
  • El lavadero/La lavanderia (Utility room) 
  • El Garaje/Estacionamiento (Garage)

Other Types Of Rooms 

English Spanish (Español)Sounds
BallroomSalón de baile
Box RoomCuarto de cajas
Drawing RoomSala de dibujo
Guest RoomHabitación de huéspedes
Games RoomSala de juegos
Music RoomSala de música
Spare RoomHabitación de repuesto


Learn The Names For Each Part Of A House!

Stairs, windows, roof? How do you name those terms in Spanish? Learn it in the following table:

English SpanishSound
BBQ areazona de barbacoa/Area de barbeque/Zona de parrillada
BarsRejas (Plural)
DoorsPuertas (Plural)
Fire EscapeSalida de incendios/Salida de emergencia
Roof TilesTejas (Plural)
The HallwayEl Pasillo
WallsLas paredes (Plural)/La pared (Singular)
WindowsVentanas (Plural)

In addition, you should be able to make sentences using the floors. For example, on which hotel floor are you going to stay while in Spain? Perhaps the staff tells you that your room number is 203, which means your room is on the second floor. What if they tell you only in Spanish?

  • Primer piso/Planta baja (First floor)
  • Segundo piso (Second floor)
  • Tercer piso (third floor)
  • Cuarto piso (Fourth floor)
  • And so on!

If you are having trouble with the numbers, you can take a look at the lesson about numbers in Spanish


Basic Vocabulary About Items In Each Room!

Habitación/Dormitorio = Bedroom Vocabulary

bedroom habitación

The coziest place in your house is probably your bedroom! Do you agree? In my case, it is. It is the space where I can relax after a long day at work. A bedroom is a private space where a person can feel safe and comfortable. And sometimes we only think about our bedroom and lying on the bed to rest.

Depending on the culture and each person’s preferences, a bedroom will have various items inside.

Are you interested in learning this vocabulary? Practice with this list, and then analyze the Spanish sentence examples below the table.

Alarm clockLa alarma/El despertador
Air ConditionerEl aire acondicionado
BedLa cama
BunkLa litera
BlanketLa cobija
CurtainLa cortina
Ceiling FanEl ventilador de techo
ClosetEl clóset/El armario
Coat hangerLa percha
DresserEl vestidor
Nightstand/Bed StandMesita de noche/Mesita de noche
King-sized bedCama tamaño king
LampLa lámpara
PillowcaseFunda de almohada

La Cocina: Kitchen Related Spanish Vocabulary

cocina kitchen

Many people’s favorite part of the house is where Latina moms make their delicious and magical recipes. Haven’t you tried Latin American cuisine? Please put it on your bucket list for your next travel because it is delicious across the whole continent! 

I previously wrote an article about the kitchen utensils people use in Hispanic countries to make those exquisite dishes, so let’s go with the essential items today.

English SpanishSound
BlenderLa licuadora
BinEl basurero
CookwareLos utensilios de cocina
CupLa taza
Cutting BoardLa tabla de cortar
Frying Pan El sartén
Gas StoveLa estufa de gas
GraterEl rallador
JugLa jarra
JuicerEl exprimidor
KettleLa tetera
KnifeEl cuchillo
LadleEl cucharón
MicrowaveEl microondas
OvenEl horno
Potato PeelerEl pelador de papas
PlateEl plato
SpoonLa cuchara
Serving BowlServing Bowl
TrayLa bandeja
WhiskEl batidor
The plugEl enchufe

El Comedor: Spanish Items Vocabulary

Most Hispanic houses will have a dining area to have breakfast or lunch in the kitchen and another place for lunch, dinner, and special events called ‘Comedor.’

dining room comedor
English SpanishSound
The Dining TableLa mesa de comedor
The NapkinServilleta
The SpoonCuchara
The CabinetGabinete
The ChairsSillas
The LampLa lámpara
The CupLa taza
The ForkEl tenedor
The KnifeEl cuchillo
The DishesEl tenedor
The TableclothEl mantel
The BottleLa botella
The ShelfLa estantería
The frame of the ‘Last Supper Of Jesus’El cuadro de la Última Cena de Jesús

El Cuarto De Baño: What Items Does It Usually Have?

Some houses have only one bathroom. Others have one outside the bedrooms, and some used to have the bathrooms outside, such as the Colonial buildings. You can still find those houses today if you visit historical sites in Latin American countries.

So, what kinds of objects can you find inside a typical bathroom? Let’s learn the Spanish words!


BowlEl recipiente
BagLa bolsa
BathtubLa bañera
Body WashEl gel de baño
ConditionerEl acondicionador
CleanserEl limpiador
ContainersLos contenedores
CurtainsLas cortinas
Clothes PegLa pinza de ropa
CanistersLos botes
DetergentEl detergente
Disinfectant WipesLas toallitas desinfectantes
Electric RazorLa afeitadora eléctrica
FaucetEl grifo
HairdryerEl secador de pelo
Hand DispenserEl dispensador de mano
HairbrushEl cepillo para el pelo
HangerLa percha
HamperEl cesto
HairdryerEl secador de pelo
cuarto de baño bathroom


LaundryLa ropa sucia
LightingLas luces
MouthwashEl enjuague bucal
MirrorEl espejo
MopEl fregadero
Non-slip MatLa alfombra antideslizante
PlungerEl émbolo
PowderEl polvo
Paper/Toilet PaperEl papel/El papel higiénico


ShampooEl champú
ShowerLa ducha
SoapEl jabón
SinkEl lavabo
Shaving CreamLa crema de afeitar
TilesLas losas
ToiletEl inodoro
Tub and Tile CleanerEl limpiador de bañeras y azulejos
ToothbrushEl cepillo de dientes
ToothpasteLa pasta de dientes
Towel RackEl toallero
TowelsLas toallas
Trash CanEl bote de basura
ShelvesLa estantería
Washing MachineLa lavadora

La Sala: Items In The Living Room

The living room, known in Spanish as la ‘Sala de estar,’ or ‘La sala’ is where people receive those visiting. It can be a big room next to the kitchen or a smaller one, usually on the second floor, which is meant for a more casual and private gathering among family members to watch TV.

sala living room
CarpetLa alfombra
Coffee TableLa mesa de centro
FireplaceLa chimenea
FirewoodLa leña
FutonEl futón
Rocking ChairLa mecedora
Sofa/CouchEl sofá cama
Side TableLa mesa auxiliar
TV StandEl soporte para TV
Television/TVLa televisión

El Estudio: Items In The Office

estudio office spanish house vocabulary

The place of the house where people work, study or do their school homework. It is generally a place where the books are located, a computer, and other materials for these activities. However, some houses merge this room with the game room and add a chess table or table games inside.

English SpanishSound
Bookshelf/BookcaseLa estantería/Librería
ChairLa silla
DrawersLos cajones
DeskEl escritorio
Desktop/PCLa computadora de escritorio
Extension CordEl cable de extensión
EraserEl borrador
Grandfather ClockEl reloj de abuelo
HighlighterEl resaltador
LaptopLa computadora portátil
MarkersLos marcadores
PencilEl lápiz
OutletEl toma de corriente
Picture FramesEl marcos de fotos
PenEl esfero
PrinterLa impresora
Paper ClipsEl clip 
Small tableLa mesita
Sticky NotesNotas adhesivas


Practice The Rooms In A House Spanish Vocabulary!

With this house vocabulary in Spanish, you can name all rooms in a house, their parts, and some of the most common items you can find inside a typical home. With these words and sentence examples, you can begin practicing as much as possible until you can think in Spanish while seeing rooms or objects in your house.

It may be challenging to grasp all vocabulary in a single moment. But the secret about language learning isn’t memorizing the words but consciously learning with relevant context and spaced repetition. This way, you will retain the information in your brain longer and avoid forgetting words when you need them the most, as might happen if you try to memorize them with no context.

For this reason, the best way for you to practice today’s vocabulary is to engage in conversations with native Spanish speakers or start speaking in Spanish alone.

Don’t stop practicing!


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