9+ Best Relationship Vocab And Phrases In Spanish

Looking to make a meaningful connection with a Spanish boy or girl? You should! However, you have to find a way to discuss your relationship status and other meaningful connecting conversations with them. Yes! I got you covered! In this post, we will be looking at relationship vocab and phrases in Spanish that you can use to make meaningful conversations with your better half or other Spanish locals. Ready? Let’s go!

How Does Spanish Dating Culture Look Like

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Any Spaniard will tell you that dating in Spanish is a little complicated and less defined than the dating culture in the United States. Ideally, most Spanish speakers or Spaniards end up getting married to a person they’ve known from childhood, maybe as a neighborhood friend or even a relative. It is rare to see a typical Spaniard getting married to a total stranger, but things are changing as the world sees more modern days.

Apart from that, Spaniards believe in public shows of affection and are big on love and romantic phrases. So, if you are someone who is conservative about their feelings or are shy to show their affection in public, you may have a hard time getting used to a Spaniard. In general, the Spanish dating culture is a long one and requires effort and diligence. But not to worry, Spanish men and women are easygoing and romantic. So, if you are a lover of romantic phrases and public shows of affection, then you will probably enjoy dating Spaniards.

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Relationship Vocab And Phrases In Spanish: Everything You Need To Know

Let’s take a closer look into the popular relationship words and phrases that you should keep close. These words will allow you to show your relationship status and start meaningful conversations in Spanish-speaking countries. So, pay close attention.

SoulmateAlma gemela
Ex-girlfriedEx novia/Ex novio
In a relationshipEn una relación

Adjectives And Verbs To Talk About A Relationship

To be singleestar soltero
To be divorceddivorciarse
To be a widowerser viudo
To be a widowser viuda
To be marriedestar casado

Spanish Relationship Phrases You Have To Know

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Do you have a boyfriend?¿Tienes novio?
Do you have a girlfriend?¿Tienes novia?
She is my girlfriendElla es mi novia
He is my boyfriendEl es mi novio
She is my ex-girlfriendElla es mi ex novia
Are you single?¿Estás soltera?/ ¿Estás soltero?
I am singleEstoy soltera/Estoy soltero
Are you married?¿Está usted casado?/¿Está usted casada?
I am marriedEstoy casado/Estoy casada
I am divorcedEstoy divorciado/Estoy divorciada
I am in a relationshipEstoy en una relación
I just got marriedMe acabo de casar
We broke upNosotros terminamos/Nosotros rompimos
We got engagedNosotros estamos comprometidos
We are no longer togetherNosotros ya no estamos juntos
We are getting marriedNosotros nos casamos
He proposed to meEl me propuso matrimonio
I don’t want to marry youNo quiero casarme contigo

Useful Romantic Spanish Phrases To Know

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If you want to show your romantic interest in someone and you don’t know how to go about it, then read on to find out the best romantic words and phrases to use.

I like youMe gustas
Can you be my boyfriend?¿Quieres ser mi novio?
Can you be my girlfriend?¿Quieres ser mi novia?
I love youTe amo
I love you tooTe quiero
I miss youTe echo de menos
My better halfMi media naranja
My lifeMi vida
My loveMi amor
You are the love of my lifeEres el amor de mi vida

It seems as if this Spanish blog shouldn’t end, but that is impossible. At this point, we’ve been able to cover the basic relationship vocabulary that you can use to show your relationship status and also show your interest in someone. If you want to find out more romantic phrases, check out these Spanish Love Words.

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