60+ Best Names In Danish For Boys And Girls

danish names names in danish for girls and boys

Would you like to find out unique and wonderful names in Danish? If you have a Scandinavian origin or like Denmark and the sound of the Danish names, you are in the right place to get some great ideas.
Scandinavian names are fascinating because of their meaning and relation to the Vikings. In addition, most names relate to Norse mythology and the Norse gods.

You might have heard about Odin or Thor, and although most people would not name their kids using those names, there are many other variations with similar meanings. For example, you can find a unique name related to a legendary female warrior, a beautiful goddess, or even famous Vikings.

36 Unique And Wonderful Danish Names For Boys

A lot of traditional Danish names are for boys. In general, names for boys have strong meanings such as “fair victory,” “divine bear,” “determined warrior,” “army leader,” “peaceful ruler,” “divine spear,” etc.

The Danish heritage is full of conquests, battles, and victories achieved by fantastic warriors, and the names given to men reflect this tradition.

Here are some unique and popular Danish names:

  1. Bertram
  2. Calvin
  3. Dirch
  4. Hektor
  5. Kornelius
  6. Lauge
  7. Linus
  8. Luka
  9. Milas
  10. Nilas
  11. Saxo
  12. Sejer
  13. Severin
  14. Sinus
  15. Sirius
  16. Valentin
  17. Vilius
  18. Nohr
  19. Anker
  20. Asger
  21. Balder
  22. Birk
  23. Frej
  24. Falke
  25. Folke
  26. Hjalte
  27. Holger
  28. Lauge
  29. Magne
  30. Osvald
  31. Thor
  32. Tjalfe
  33. Tristan
  34. Trygve
  35. Valdemar
  36. Viggo
girl names in danish

34 Unique And Wonderful Names In Danish For Girls

The most popular danish girl names are known worldwide. They have fascinating meanings, such as “rebellious woman,” “palm tree,” “divine beauty,” “wise woman,” “Gift of God,” “famous war,” “hard worker,” “violet flower,” etc.

While girl names have a softer meaning, some are still related to the old Norse origin and tradition.

Here are some unique and popular danish girl names:

  1. Annegrete
  2. Andrea
  3. Caja
  4. Dagmar
  5. Dorthe
  6. Frida
  7. Grethe
  8. Hanne
  9. Helle
  10. Ida
  11. Lærke
  12. Maja
  13. Nanna
  14. Rebekka
  15. Signe
  16. Jensine
  17. Lise
  18. Sigrid
  19. Vigga
  20. Aaliyah
  21. Agnes
  22. Agneta
  23. Alberte
  24. Almira
  25. Amelia
  26. Anika
  27. Arvada
  28. Asta
  29. Astrid
  30. Belinde
  31. Dorothea
  32. Elise
  33. Ellinor
  34. Embla
danish names meanings

Best Boys And Girl Names With Meanings

Part of getting a baby name inspiration is to become familiar with the meaning of the Danish names. Many names have unique and powerful meanings that can impact the life of a newborn in one way or another.

The boys’ names are the most related and connected to Danish origin and tradition. Here are some of the best ones:

  • Beorhtel meaning: a person that shines with a”bright light”
  • Johan meaning: “God is gracious”
  • August meaning: “majestic dignity”
  • Edvin meaning: a “wealthy friend”
  • Jerrik meaning: “king forever”
  • Thor meaning: from the Old Norse “thunder” (the name of the Norse god of thunder)
  • Valdemar Meaning: a “renowned ruler”
  • Oliver meaning: of the “olive tree”
  • Runa meaning: a “secret tradition”

Here are some of the Danish girls names with unique meanings:

  • Ditte meaning: a “gift of God”
  • Embla meaning: “elm tree”
  • Bergliot meaning: “Mountain ugly”
  • Terese meaning: a “summer harvest”
  • Hjørdis meaning: “sword spirit”
  • Anna meaning: “grace”
  • Laura meaning: “honor and victory”
  • Alma meaning: “soul”
  • Emma meaning: “universal”
  • Bergitte meaning: “fire goddess”
  • Frederikke meaning: a “peace ruler”
  • Clara meaning: “bright and clear”
  • Ida meaning: a “hard worker” person
  • Olivia meaning: a “symbol of peace”
  • Thora meaning: the female version of Thor, and it means “thunder goddess”
  • Idun meaning: to “renew nature”
  • Sofia meaning: “wisdom”
  • Linnea meaning: “lime tree”
  • Agnes meaning: someone “pure and holy”
  • Signe meaning: a “new victory”
  • Ulrica meaning: a “noble ruler”
  • Annegrete meaning: “God has answered all our prayers” and “God is gracious”
  • Kirstine meaning: a “Christian woman”
  • Hella meaning: a “divine woman”

What Are The Viking Naming Traditions?

A Danish name can also be chosen based on Viking traditions. As one of the Scandinavian countries, Denmark still names a lot of newborns with traditional names. Vikings were not used to giving a cute name to a new baby but instead followed traditions and tried to provide influential names with meanings.

The most important methods in choosing a new in the Viking tradition are:

  • Choosing the name of a relative: Vikings used to give a Scandinavian name of an ancestor to their newborn kids. The selected name was thought to bring luck or success.
  • Choosing the name of a God: Vikings used to give God’s names to their kids as a way to honor them. OftGod’sd’s names have been changed or modified. For example, a Danish variation of a God’s name such as Thor turned into Thorald.
  • Choosing the name of a sibling: Vikings took inspiration from the names of their siblings to name their kids. They would choose the first letter of a sibling’s name to decide on the rest of the name.

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