15+ Necessary Danish Phrases For Emergency To Keep Close

No one wants to travel on vacation to a new country and then realize that they are in an emergency situation. With this said, knowing the popular Danish phrases for emergency (like Hjælp or help and hvor tager du mig hen? where are you taking me?) can be a lifesaver. And this is what we will walk you through in today’s post! Let’s get started!

Denmark is a safe country with relatively low or no risk of natural disasters. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to natural disasters. However, common accidents may happen, and to ensure you are safe, we’ve come up with some helpful emergency phrases that you should keep in mind.

Is Denmark A Safe Country?

Statistically speaking, Denmark is the fifth safest country in the world. It makes it to one of the top five countries where your peace of mind will be with you throughout your store. Generally speaking, Denmark is safe and a beautiful place to explore. As long as you follow your normal routine of keeping safe, and staying out of trouble, you have nothing to worry about.

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Danish Phrases For Emergency

Let’s look at the common emergency phrases you must keep close when traveling to Copenhagen or any part of Denmark.

General Emergency Phrases

Hjælp! (Help!)

If you don’t want to know anything else Danish language, then try to know the Danish word for Help! Like in any language, Hjælp is always a sign of distress that any human will respond to even if they don’t know you. If you cry for help in any part of Denmark, the locals will swiftly come to you and find out what is happening.

Other help-related phrases you have to know are;

  • Jeg har brug for hjælp: The translation is ‘I need help.’ If you are stuck in an emergency and don’t know what else to say or how to describe your situation, then you can tell the nearest people that you need help by saying Jeg har brug for hjælp.
  • Vær sød at hjælpe mig: The emergency phrase means ‘Please help me,’ and it is another version of asking for help when needed.
  • Hjælpe mig: This means help me, and it is another excellent way to ask for help.

Det er en nødsituation. (It is an emergency)

If you want people to know the seriousness of the situation, the best way is to let them know it is an emergency. Sometimes, you may be with friends and relatives who think you are just joking when you say something else, but telling them it is an emergency will get them running to your aid in no time.

Phrases For Medical Emergencies

medical emergency; ambulance

Now that we’ve looked at the most common emergency phrases to say in Denmark, let’s also review the medical-related emergency phrases that you should keep in mind.

Ring efter en ambulance! (Call an ambulance)

If you are in an extreme medical emergency that cannot be treated at home, you need to be in the hospital! Therefore, the best thing you will have to do, especially if you are not mobile, is to call an ambulance and let the people around you know you need an ambulance.

Ring efter en læge! (Call A Doctor!)

If you are already in the hospital and you want the medical personnel to know that you or someone is in dire need of a doctor, then ring efter en læge is the best emergency phrase to say in that situation. Another way to say you need a doctor is Jeg har brug for en læge, which translates to I need a doctor.

Other Medical Emergency Phrases

Where can I find a Pharmacy?Hvor kan jeg finde et apotek?
Can I make an appointment?Kan jeg få en tid?
I am in painJeg har smerter
Please take me to the hospitalKør mig til hospitalet
I need someone right nowJeg har brug for nogen lige nu
There’s been an accidentDer er sket en ulykke
I don’t feel wellJeg er sløj
I have asthmaJeg har asthma
I have an existing conditionJeg har en tidligere diagnose

Direction And Household Phrases

What if you are locked out of your hotel room or lost? What do you say? Find out here.

Jeg er faret vild. (I am lost)

Everyone dreads being lost in an unknown city. If you find yourself away from your hotel or street, you need to let somebody know that you are lost ASAP so that you can find out where you are and how to get back home.

Jeg kan ikke finde vejen tilbage til mit hotel. (I can’t find my way to the hotel room )

If you find yourself far away from your hotel room, you need to let the receptionist or any kind individual know that you need to find your way back to your hotel room, and one way to do that is to say Jeg kan ikke finde vejen tilbage til mit hotel.

Jeg har smækket mig ude. (I have locked myself out)

Oops! You have locked yourself out of your hotel room or car? Then saying Jeg har smækket mig ude is the best way to let someone know you need help.

Crime Scenes

crime scene yellow tape; danish phrases for  emergency

Let’s look at the emergency phrases you can use if you become a victim of theft or you need to call the police.

I need the policeJeg har brug for politiet
Call the police!Ring til politiet
I want to report a theftJeg vil anmelde et tyveri
I’ve been muggedJeg er blevet bestjålet
My wallet has been stolenMin pung er blevet stjålet
Pas på!Look out!
Leave me alone!Lad mig være!


Fire-related Phrases

Call the fire brigade!Ring efter brandvæsnet!
Be careful!Vær forsigtig!
There is a fireDet brænder
The building is on fireBygningen brænder
Something is burning!Noget brænder!


What Are The Common Emergency Numbers In Denmark?


The emergency number to call in case of an emergency situation is 112. Emergencies like accidents, life-threatening conditions, police assistance, illness, injury, or any other emergency situation.


Call 114 when you need the police, but it isn’t an emergency. For example, if you have a neighbor disturbing you, you can use the 114 code.

Wrapping Up

We’ve covered the necessary emergency phrases in Danish you need to know, and now you can have a peaceful trip to Denmark. I hope you enjoy your stay there! However, if you are a Danish language learner and are thinking of better ways to learn the language, you should check out the Ling App.

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