20+ Easy Danish Love Words And Phrases

Planning to take someone on a date? Sweep them off their feet with our compilation of sweet Danish love words and phrases today! After all, there is nothing worse than meeting someone you like and not knowing any words to express your interest, right? So to be prepared, start learning these approved-by-the-locals words and phrases. If you are ready for that, then let’s get started!

Most Basics Danish Love Words

Possibly, one of the most common phrases one learns in a new language is “I love you.” The Danish translation for it is “Jeg elsker dig.” But, when you first meet someone, you will not start right away saying, “I love you” (unless, of course, you are that kind guy/gal!). For this reason, you should also know some other basics sentences and words that can help you invite a particular person out.

Here are some easy Danish love words:

  1. Jeg elsker dig/hende/ham – I love you/her/him
  2. Jeg elsker også dig – I love you too
  3. Jeg elsker dig for evigt – I love you forever
  4. Jeg elsker dig meget højt – I love you very high
  5. Jeg er vild med dig – I am nuts about you
  6. Jeg knuselsker dig – I crush love you
  7. Jeg elsker dig mere/mest – I love you more/most
  8. Jeg kan lide dig – I like you
  9. Jeg elsker dig af hele mit hjerte – I love you from whole my heart
  10. Jeg elsker dig, min skat – I love you, my treasure
  11. Jeg elsker dig SÅ meget – I love you so much
  12. Jeg kan lide dig – I like you
  13. elsker dig skat – Love you honey
  14. Min elskede – My loved one
  15. Du er sød – You are cute
  16. Jeg forelsker mig – I am falling in love
  17. Min kære – My dear

You can say I love you in danish in many ways; being original and using variations can impress Danes.

Danish Flirting Phrases And Love Phrases

It is good to add to your vocabulary some phrases that can help you create a sense of intimacy or get a sweet little conversation going. If you visit Denmark and hang out with friends, you will be glad to know some of the following remarkable statements:

  1. Det var meningen, vi skulle være sammen – We were meant to be together
  2. Ord kan ikke beskrive min kærlighed til dig – Words can’t describe my love for you
  3. Du er mit solskin, min kærlighed – You are my sunshine, my love
  4. Du giver mig lyst til at være en bedre mand – You make me want to be a better man
  5. Jeg har et crush på dig – I’ve got a crush on you
  6. Du er så flot – You’re so handsome
  7. Du er så smuk – You’re so beautiful
  8. Du betyder så meget for mig – You mean so much to me
  9. Vil du være min Valentine? – Will you be my Valentine?
  10. Jeg tænker på dig som mere end en ven -I think of you as more than a friend

Note: Each of these phrases can be used in writing, such as letters, cards, and social media (such as Facebook).

Danish Phrases For A Date

What about inviting someone you like out for a date? Knowing some unique Danish words can make your life way easier. Other people can tell you those Danish words, and you should be able to know the meaning when you hear them and, of course, to answer.

Here are some good sentences in the Danish language you should know the meaning of:

  • Jeg ringer til dig – I’ll call you
  • Er du ledig denne weekend? – Are you free this weekend?
  • Kan jeg se dig igen? – Can I see you again?
  • Jeg kender et godt sted – I know a good place
  • Jeg kører dig hjem – I will drive you home
  • Det var en dejlig aften – That was a great evening
  • Kunne du tænke dig at gå ud at spise middag med mig? – Would you like to go out to dinner with me?
  • Hvad tid skal vi mødes i morgen? – What time shall we meet tomorrow?
  • Du ser godt ud – You look great

Danish Culture And Etiquette On Dating

Although every person expresses feelings differently, Danes are in general very direct about what they feel about others. Therefore, even if it is in their culture to do a little flirting, they often skip this step because of their straightforward approach.

In Denmark, it is not important who makes the first move- girls and boys can initiate the approach slightly different from other parts of the world where boys take the first step. That is definitely not the case for Asian dating cultures!

A Dane is not likely to be impressed by a simple dinner invitation. You could try a creative approach. For example, you can ask someone out for a walk, have some fun with a picnic, or try to guess what the other person may like.

When dating Danes, you have to learn to be direct. Although you may think it is not polite, it is a good sign for them if you say what you think. But you cannot be wrong if you try to be original and throw out new ideas.

Another peculiarity of Danes is that they do not like speaking with strangers and expect foreigners to fall in line and respect the rules and etiquette of the country. Therefore, the best way to succeed in Denmark is to have a friend introduce you to the person you like.

Do you want to add more Danish phrases to your vocabulary and learn the language? In this case, you can also read Greetings In Danish.

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