Expert Guide To 100+ Countries And Nationalities In Danish

Are the country names the same in all languages? It can be a hard reality to discover, that each mother tongue actually has its own name for country. This is no different for countries and nationalities in Danish as you’ll soon discover.

When you visit another country and look at a map, you’ll notice that place names have changed. Even cities can have different names than what you’d expect. For example, the capital city of Denmark is Copenhagen to the western world but is København (koh-ben-how) to the Danish.

This article will guide you through each continent, providing a list of country names in Danish.

Note: There are 195 officially recognized countries in the world and we simply couldn’t add every single nation. If you’d like to see a country or nationality added to any list below, please add a comment!

Let’s go!


A Closer Look At Denmark

Denmark facts

Quick Facts

  • Denmark joined the European Union (EU) in 1973.
  • Denmark is a member of NATO.
  • Denmark is a part of Scandinavia.
  • In the Danish language, Denmark is called Danark.
  • A person from Denmark is called a Dane.
  • The capital city of Denmark is Copenhagen (København)
  • As the country is a part of the EU, they use the Euro.
  • Denmark was home to the Vikings!


Denmark geography

Geographically, the Danish Republic is divided into five parts:

  1. Capital Region of Denmark
  2. Region Zealand
  3. Region of Southern Denmark
  4. Central Denmark Region
  5. Region of Northern Denmark.

Denmark is located on a peninsula in the North Sea.

The country is mostly flat with some small hills. Its land was formed during the last Ice Age by glaciers.

The climate in Denmark is a moderate, maritime climate with average temperatures in summer being around 61°F (16°C) in summer and 32°F (0°C) in winter.


Danish is spoken by about 6 million people the world over.

Danish is most similar to Norwegian and shares many pronunciations with Swedish.

Now it’s time to dive into languages, country names and nationalities in Danish. What is your country name in Danish I wonder?


What Are The Continents Called In Danish?

Most of us learned the seven continents of the world growing up so it’s only fair to learn them in Danish too! You can even sing the famous 7 Continents Song in Danish to practice!

Continents in Danish
AfricaAfrika[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Afrika[/Speechword]
AntarcticaAntarktis[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Antarktis[/Speechword]
AsiaAsien[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Asien[/Speechword]
Australia/OceaniaAustralien/Oceanien[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Australien[/Speechword]/[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Oceanien[/Speechword]
EuropeEuropa[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Europa[/Speechword]
North AmericaNordamerika[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Nordamerika[/Speechword]
South AmericaSydamerika[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Sydamerika[/Speechword]


What Are The Countries And Nationalities In Danish Called?

Let’s see what the Danish call some of the more well-known countries. We’ve separated them into regions across the world so it’s easier for you to find the nation you’re looking for! After this section, we’ll take a look at what the Danes call different nationalities.

North American Countries

Bet you didn’t realize there are actually four countries in North America! Poor Greenland. It’s always forgotten.

North American countries in Danish
CanadaCanada[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Canada[/Speechword]
GreenlandGrønland[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Grønland[/Speechword]
MexicoMexico[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Mexico[/Speechword]
United States/AmericaUSA/Amerika[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]USA/Amerika[/Speechword]

Caribbean Country Names

There are obviously waaaay more countries in this region, but we just don’t have space to fit in the 700 islands and other nations.

Caribbean countries and nationalities in Danish
BahamasBahamas[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Bahamas[/Speechword]
CubaCuba[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Cuba[/Speechword]
Dominican RepublicDominikanske republik[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Dominikanske republik[/Speechword]
JamaicaJamaica[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Jamaica[/Speechword]

Central America

Don’t forget about Central America! Often placed as a part of South America, this region has its own uniqueness. Here are all seven countries of Central America.

Central American countries and nationalities in Danish
BelizeBelize[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Belize[/Speechword]
Costa RicaCosta Rica[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Costa Rica[/Speechword]
El SalvadorEl Salvador[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]El Salvador[/Speechword]
GuatemalaGuatemala[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Guatemala[/Speechword]
HondurasHonduras[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Honduras[/Speechword]
NicaraguaNicaragua[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Nicaragua[/Speechword]
PanamaPanama[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Panama[/Speechword]

South American Country Names

These are the more commonly known countries in South America.

South American countries and nationalities in Danish
ArgentinaArgentina[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Argentina[/Speechword]
BoliviaBolivia[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Bolivia[/Speechword]
BrazilBrasilien[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Brasilien[/Speechword]
ChileChile[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Chile[/Speechword]
ColumbiaColumbia[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Columbia[/Speechword]
GuatemalaGuatemala[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Guatemala[/Speechword]
PeruPeru[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Peru[/Speechword]
VenezuelaVenezuela[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Venezuela[/Speechword]

African Countries

Officially, there are 54 nations in Africa. We’ve included the most widely known countries.

African countries and nationalities in Danish
EgyptEgypten[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]lcombles[/Speechword]
EthiopiaEtiopien[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Etiopien[/Speechword]
KenyaKenya[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Kenya[/Speechword]
MadagascarMadagaskar[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Madagaskar[/Speechword]
MoroccoMarokko[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Marokko[/Speechword]
MozambiqueMozambique[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Mozambique[/Speechword]
NigeriaNigeria[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Nigeria[/Speechword]
SomaliaSomalia[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Somalia[/Speechword]
South AfricaSydafrika[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Sydafrika[/Speechword]
UgandaUganda[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Uganda[/Speechword]

European Countries

Europe is home to the most studied nations in the world. Here is our list of European countries in Danish.

European countries and nationalities in Danish
AustriaØstrig[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Østrig[/Speechword]
BelgiumBelgien[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Belgien[/Speechword]
BulgariaBulgarien[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Bulgarien[/Speechword]
CyprusCypern[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Cypern[/Speechword]
CzechiaTjekkiet[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Tjekkiet[/Speechword]
EnglandEngland[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]England[/Speechword]
FinlandFinland[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Finland[/Speechword]
FranceFrankrig[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Frankrig[/Speechword]
GermanyTyskland[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Tyskland[/Speechword]
GreeceGrækenland[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Grækenland[/Speechword]
HungaryUngarn[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Ungarn[/Speechword]
IrelandIrland[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Irland[/Speechword]
ItalyItalien[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Italien[/Speechword]
NetherlandsHolland[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Holland[/Speechword]
NorwayNorge[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Norge[/Speechword]
PolandPolen[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Polen[/Speechword]
PortugalPortugal[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Portugal[/Speechword]
RussiaRusland[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Rusland[/Speechword]
SpainSpanien[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Spanien[/Speechword]
SwedenSverige[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Sverige[/Speechword]
SwitzerlandSchweiz[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Schweiz[/Speechword]
TürkiyeTyrkiye[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Tyrkiye[/Speechword]
UkraineUkraine[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Ukraine[/Speechword]
United KingdomDet Forenede Kongerige[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Det Forenede Kongerige[/Speechword]

Asian Countries

Due to its incredible size, we’ve separated Asia into different regions to find the information more easily.

Asian countries and nationalities in Danish

Mainland Asia

ChinaKina[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Kina[/Speechword]
GeorgiaGeorgien[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Georgien[/Speechword]
HongkongHongkong[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Hongkong[/Speechword]
IndiaIndien[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Indien[/Speechword]
JapanJapan[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Japan[/Speechword]
KazakhstanKasakhstan[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Kasakhstan[/Speechword]
KyrgyzstanKirgisistan[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Kirgisistan[/Speechword]
MacaoMacao[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Macao[/Speechword]
NepalNepal[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Nepal[/Speechword]
PakistanPakistan[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Pakistan[/Speechword]
RussiaRusland[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Rusland[/Speechword]
South KoreaSydkorea[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Sydkorea[/Speechword]
Sri LankaSri Lanka[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Sri Lanka[/Speechword]
TaiwanTaiwan[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Taiwan[/Speechword]

Southeast Asia

CambodiaCambodja[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Cambodja[/Speechword]
IndonesiaIndonesien[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Indonesien[/Speechword]
LaosLaos[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Laos[/Speechword]
MalaysiaMalaysia[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Malaysia[/Speechword]
Myanmar/BurmaMyanmar/Burma[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Myanmar[/Speechword]/[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Burma[/Speechword]
PhilippinesFilippinerne[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Filippinerne[/Speechword]
SingaporeSingapore[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Singapore[/Speechword]
ThailandThailand[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Thailand[/Speechword]
VietnamVietnam[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Vietnam[/Speechword]

Middle East

AfghanistanAfghanistan[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Afghanistan[/Speechword]
IranIran[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Iran[/Speechword]
IraqIrak[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Irak[/Speechword]
IsraelIsrael[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Israel[/Speechword]
JordanJordan[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Jordan[/Speechword]
KuwaitKuwait[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Kuwait[/Speechword]
LebanonLibanon[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Libanon[/Speechword]
OmanOman[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Oman[/Speechword]
QatarQatar[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Qatar[/Speechword]
Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabien[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Saudi Arabien[/Speechword]
State of PalestineStaten Palæstina[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Staten Palæstina[/Speechword]
SyriaSyrien[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Syrien[/Speechword]
United Arab EmiratesForenede Arabiske Emirater[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Forenede Arabiske Emirater[/Speechword]
YemenYemen[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Yemen[/Speechword]

Oceania Countries

Finally, Australia! More commonly known as Oceania, this continent is much more than just Australia. Take a look!

Oceania countries and nationalities in Danish
AustraliaAustralien[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Australien[/Speechword]
FijiFiji[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Fiji[/Speechword]
Marshall IslandsMarshalløerne[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Marshalløerne[/Speechword]
New ZealandNew Zealand[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]New Zealand[/Speechword]
Papua New GuineaPapua Ny Guinea[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Papua Ny Guinea[/Speechword]
SamoaSamoa[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Samoa[/Speechword]
Solomon IslandsSalomonøerne[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Salomonøerne[/Speechword]
TongaTonga[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Tonga[/Speechword]
VanuatuVanuatu[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Vanuatu[/Speechword]


What Nationalities In Danish?

Just like for country names, the Danes have their own way to describe where people are from that may differ from what you’d expect. Although some are still the same as English. It’s important to understand these concepts when learning a new language. What is your nationality in Danish and what are the most common nationalities around the world?

nationalities in Danish
Americanamerikansk[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]lcombles[/Speechword]
Australianaustralsk[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]australsk[/Speechword]
Brazilianbrasiliansk[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]brasiliansk[/Speechword]
Britishbritisk[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]britisk[/Speechword]
Canadiancanadier[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]canadier[/Speechword]
Chinesekinesisk[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]dansk[/Speechword]
Danishdansk[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]lcombles[/Speechword]
Dutchhollænder[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]hollænder[/Speechword]
Englishenglænder[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]englænder[/Speechword]
Filipinofilipino[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]filipino[/Speechword]
Frenchfransk[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]fransk[/Speechword]
Germantysk[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]tysk[/Speechword]
Greekgræsk[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]græsk[/Speechword]
Indianindisk[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]indisk[/Speechword]
Indonesianindoneser[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]indoneser[/Speechword]
Iranianiransk[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]iransk[/Speechword]
Irishirsk[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]irsk[/Speechword]
Israeliisraelsk[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]israelsk[/Speechword]
Italianitaliensk[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]italiensk[/Speechword]
Japanesejapansk[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]lcombles[/Speechword]
Koreankoreansk[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]koreansk[/Speechword]
Mexicanmexicaner[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]mexicaner[/Speechword]
Norwegiannormand[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]normand[/Speechword]
Pakistanipakistansk[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]pakistansk[/Speechword]
Polishpolak[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]polak[/Speechword]
Portugueseportugisisk[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]portugisisk[/Speechword]
Russianrussisk[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]russisk[/Speechword]
South Africansydafrikaner[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]sydafrikaner[/Speechword]
Spanishspansk[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]spansk[/Speechword]
Swedishsvensk[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]svensk[/Speechword]
Thaithailænder[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]thailænder[/Speechword]
Turkishtyrker[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]tyrker[/Speechword]
Vietnamesevietnameser[Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]vietnameser[/Speechword]


Ways To Discuss Nationalities In Danish

We thought you’d appreciate this additional information to discuss nationality with people. It’s always nice to ask people about where they are from as it can improve relationships.

How To Ask ‘Where Are You From?’ In Danish

  • Where are you from? Hvor er du fra? [Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Hvor er du fra?[/Speechword]
  • Where do you come from? Hvor kommer du fra? [Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Hvor kommer du fra?[/Speechword]
  • What is your country of origin? Hvad er dit oprindelsesland? [Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline] Hvad er dit oprindelsesland?[/Speechword]

How To Respond To ‘Where Are You From?’ In Danish

  • I am from… Jeg er fra… [Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline] Jeg er fra[/Speechword]
  • I come from… Jeg kommer fra… [Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Jeg kommer fra[/Speechword]
  • I am … Jeg er … [Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Jeg er[/Speechword]
  • My country of origin is… Mit oprindelsesland er… [Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Mit oprindelsesland er[/Speechword]
  • I live in… Jeg bor i… [Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Jeg bor i[/Speechword]

Asking Where Someone Else Is From

  • Where is he from? Hvor er han fra? [Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Hvor er han fra?[/Speechword]
  • Where is she from? Hvor er hun fra? [Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Hvor er hun fra?[/Speechword]
  • What country is he from? Hvilket land er han fra? [Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Hvilket land er han fra? [/Speechword]
  • What country is she from? Hvilket land er hun fra? [Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Hvilket land er hun fra? [/Speechword]
  • He is from… Han er fra… [Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Han er fra[/Speechword]
  • She is from… Hun er fra… [Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Hun er fra[/Speechword]
  • He is (Greek) Han er græker [Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Han er græker[/Speechword]
  • She is (Greek) Hun er græker [Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Hun er græker[/Speechword]

Other Useful Vocabulary:

  • native hjemmehørende [Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]hjemmehørende[/Speechword]
  • language Sprog [Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Sprog[/Speechword]
  • country Land [Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]Land[/Speechword]
  • nationality nationalitet [Speechword voice=”Danish Male” isinline]nationalitet[/Speechword]


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