Master 91+ Airport Vocabulary In Danish

Last updated on November 15th, 2022 at 11:38 pm

Are you flying to Denmark? You may want to learn airport vocabulary in Danish to help you get information on your flight to another city or how to get around the airport.

While quite a high percentage of people in Denmark actually speak some conversational English, it’s still important to be able to read signage and ask for help on your own.

Today we’ll go over common Danish airport words and related phrases so you don’t feel lost or confused in your journey to Denmark. We’ve included translations as well.

Ready? Let’s learn Danish!

Airport Vocabulary In Danish

vocabulary for the airport in Danish

It can be stressful catching flights or landing in a new country. Often signs will be in another language and sometimes the staff won’t speak English. It can be confusing! Here at Ling, we want to take the stress out of travel for you so we’ve organized this article into relevant airport vocabulary sections for you starting with tickets.

Ticket And Travel Document Vocabulary

Airplane ticket vocabulary in Danish

While most people purchase their plane tickets online, you may be in a situation when you need to buy a plane ticket at the airport or with a travel agent. These words will help you with ticket purchase and we’ve also included the names of the travel documents you’ll need.

aisle seatgang sæde
boarding passboardingkort
business classbusiness class
economy (coach) classøkonomiklasse
first classførste klasse
middle seatmidterste sæde
one-way ticketenkeltbillet
one-way ticketenkeltbillet
plane ticketflybillet
plane ticketflybillet
round trip tickettur-retur billet
round trip tickettur-retur billet
to buy a ticketat købe en billet
to make a reservationat foretage en reservation
window seatvinduesplads

Luggage And Baggage Vocabulary In Danish

Airport baggage vocabulary in Danish

Are you taking carry-on or checked baggage? You’ll definitely be asked about your luggage at check-in so it’s best to know how to respond; even better if you can do it in Danish!

baggage claimbagageudlevering
carry-on luggagehåndbagage
checked luggageindchecket bagage
hand luggagehåndbagage

Danish Vocabulary For At The Airport

Airport phrases in Danish

You may need directions in Danish to tell your driver where to drop you off at the airport. Once you’re there, you can use these words in Danish to help you to get around the airport and find out where to check in for your flight.

airport securitylufthavnssikkerhed
Arrival hallAnkomsthal
baggage claimbagageudlevering
check-in countercheck-in skranken
Departure hallAfgangshal
domestic/internal flightsindenrigs/interne flyvninger
international flightsinternationale flyvninger
on timeen gang

Vocabulary For Checking In At The Airport

Airport check in vocabulary in Danish

Checking in at the airport in Denmark doesn’t need to be a hassle. Here are some words that will help you to find your way and make sure you get your boarding pass.

boarding passboardingkort
carry-on luggagehåndbagage
checked-in luggageindchecket bagage
flight numberflynummer
security checksikkerhedskontrol
to boardFor at gå ombord
to check bagsat tjekke kufferter
to declareat deklarere
to disembarkAt gå i land
to landAt lande
To recover your luggageFor at genvinde din bagage
to take offAt tage af

Danish Words To Use In The Plane

On the plane vocabulary in Danish

Once on the plane what do you call people who work there? What are the different areas of the plane called? Let’s find out.

aisle seatgang sæde
business classbusiness class
economy class/ coachøkonomiklasse/ træner
flight stewardessflyvestewardesse
middle seatmidterste sæde
window seatvinduesplads


The Parts Of The Airplane

Parts of a plane vocabulary in Danish

You may be curious to know what the parts of a plane are called in Danish so here you go! It could be fun to learn and keep your mind busy while traveling.

airplane bodyFlyvemaskinens krop
airplane wingsFlyvinger
jet fuelJetbrændstof
landing gearLandingsstel
nose of planeNæse af fly


Useful Phrases At The Airport

Get around an airport in Danish

Here are some useful Danish phrases to help you get around an airport in Denmark or to help you to make clarifications.

English: I am looking for terminal A.

Danish: Jeg leder efter terminal A

English: How many pieces of luggage can I check?

Danish: Hvor mange stykker bagage kan jeg tjekke?

English: Why has the flight been delayed?

Danish: Hvorfor er flyet blevet forsinket?

English: Why has the flight been canceled?

Danish: Hvorfor er flyet blevet aflyst?

English: I would like a window seat.

Danish: Jeg vil gerne have en vinduesplads

English: I would like an aisle seat.

Danish: Jeg vil gerne have et gangsæde

English: What time will the flight leave?

Danish: Hvornår afgår flyet?

Danish Airport Phrases You May Hear

Equally important is understanding what airport staff is saying to you! Here are some Danish airport phrases to learn so you can recognize them when they’re spoken to you at the airport.

May I see your boarding pass?Må jeg se dit boardingkort?
Place your items in the trayLæg dine varer i bakken
Please have your passport and boarding pass readyHav venligst dit pas og boardingkort klar
Please place your bag on the scalePlacer venligst din taske på vægten
Please take off your shoesTag venligst skoene af
Please take your laptop out of your bagTag venligst din bærbare computer op af tasken
There has been a gate changeDer er sket et portskifte
This is the final boarding callDette er det sidste boardingopkald
Your bag is overweightDin taske er overvægtig


Three Main Airports In Denmark

Which airport are you flying into or out of in Denmark? These are the top three busiest airports in Denmark. Typically, once you’ve landed, you’ll likely get around the country by train and even travel to other European countries via rail, but if you do choose to fly, you’ll end up at one of these great airports!

  1. Copenhagen Airport – CPH
  2. Billund Airport – BLL
  3. Aalborg Airport – ALL


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