10+ Important Bosnian Phrases For Emergency You Must Know

Bosnian phrases for emergency - ling app

Imagine you are street shopping in Bosnia, and suddenly someone snatches your purse. You don’t have your phone, no money, and no contacts. What would you do in such a scenario? If you guessed it right, the best way to save yourself in such a situation is to call for help immediately. Thus, to make communication easy in urgent times, it is best that you learn a list of Bosnian phrases for emergency. It will help you reach out to the locals for help and also enable you to easily read any alert or warning in Bosnia.

In today’s blog post, we will walk through all the emergency phrases that will help you in different situations. No matter how prepared you are for a trip, you never know when emergencies will hit you. So, it is best to be prepared for the worst. And although Bosnian people are well equipped with English, seeking help in their native language will only make the interaction more fluent and understandable during urgent times. So, if you are interested, continue reading and discover all the help phrases for emergencies in Bosnian.

Tips For Traveling In Bosnia

Before we jump into the phrases, here are some tips to help prevent any unnecessary situations during your trip.

First, you need to be careful of pickpockets. Since Bosnia is becoming a popular tourist destination, pickpocketing is also entering the trend. Especially in big crowds, always be aware of where your belongings are and try to keep them as close to you as possible. The best tip is to never carry anything in your back pocket when you are going shopping in a busy place.

The next thing to keep in mind is that Bonsia is still a major user of cash. The Bosnian currency is called the Convertible Marka, and you should carry as much cash as possible. Although the digital world has entered the country, in smaller towns, cash is still the king, and you will find only a few places accepting online payments or cards. So, wherever you go, make sure you have enough cash in your pocket.

The weather is the next thing to worry about in Bosnia. It is very confusing, and you will never find one constant weather. You will melt due to a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius and freeze in chilly and cold weather in a single day. So, when you are packing, make sure you are packing for all four seasons. Also, it rains a lot in Bosnia. Carrying an umbrella at all times is, therefore, a must.

If you keep these things in mind, you will surely have a wonderful time. However, being precautions doesn’t guarantee safety. So, for times when you need help, we have all the essential phrases listed below. Please, go through them and prepare yourself for the best and the worst.

Bosnian Phrases For Emergency

Basic Bosnian Phrases For Emergency

Now let us talk about all the emergency phrases that you can mug up and keep saved in your memory. Learning these will help you react appropriately during urgent times and also make communication easy for you with the locals. So, let’s get started.

1. Help Me!

Translation: Pomozi mi!

The first and the most common phrase that you will need to seek help in Bosnian is this. Using this phrase will help you call for the local’s attention in every urgent situation and bring immediate help to you. Although Bosnian people know the English language to a good extent, uttering native words will only make it easier for them to understand you and put forth a helping hand without thinking twice.

2. Can Anybody Help Me?

Translation: Može li mi neko pomoći?

Another common yet powerful phrase that will allow the locals to provide you with the required assistance is this. Although it sounds similar to the first one, you can use this phrase when you need technical help or assistance that requires you to request someone. Both phrases emphasize urgency differently. In situations where your card stops working or you lost something, you would have to ask and not order the people around to help you. So, this phrase is very helpful in certain scenarios.

3. Would You Mind Helping Me?

Translation: Hoćete li mi pomoći?

If you want to be more polite and respectful while seeking help, this is the right phrase for you in the Bosnian language. Especially in settings where you have elders or senior members around you, you cannot ask for help directly. You would have to request them with a polite tone. So, you can make use of this sentence in such scenarios. However, in case of medical emergencies where you cannot think straight, don’t hesitate to scream the first phrase. The locals will surely understand you.

4. I Need Some Assistance

Tranlsation: Treba mi pomoć

At times when the emergency is not that serious, and you need technical more than physical help with something, this phrase will sit right with that situation. You can use this to sound more calm, polite, and mindful of your surroundings. For example, when your phone is not ringing, or you need to order a taxi, you can use this phrase and ask a local to help you out.

Bosnian phrases for emergency - surgery

Medical Emergency

Now, let us talk about some emergency phrases that are used solely in medical situations. A medical emergency can come up at any point in time. So, learn them and keep yourself ready.

1. Please Call The Doctor

Tranlstaion: Molimo pozovite doktora

Despite being very cautious, you never know when you fall sick or meet with an accident in a new place. In such cases, the best thing to do would be to seek help from a local. They would best know which doctor to call and where to go. So, use this phrase or Treba mi doktor (I need a doctor) and get a doctor’s attention immediately.

2. I Need An Ambulance

Translation: Treba mi hitna pomoć

Being in a new country, you will get confused with all the emergency numbers. So, when you need an ambulance, just go to a few locals and utter this phrase. They will quickly understand your need and call the desired number. You can also use the phrase, Treba mi hitna pomoć (Please call the ambulance.) It will help the locals to comprehend your situation.

3. Where Is The Hospital?

Translation: Gdje je bolnica?

Whenever there is a medical emergency, the first thing you need to enquire about is the hospital. So, if you are unaware of where the nearest hospital is, immediately seek out a local and ask them about it. This phrase will help you do so and provide you with the desired directions. In case the situation is too bad for you to look for a hospital yourself, you can say Vodi me u bolnicu (Take me to the hospital), and the locals will undoubtedly help you out.

Transport Emergency

Another very common problem that comes up in foreign places is regarding transport. So here are some phrases to save your day!

1. Where Is The Petrol Pump/ Gas Station?

Translation: Gdje je benzinska pumpa

You never know when your car runs out of fuel. Especially if you are in a remote area, gas stations or petrol pumps can be very difficult to find. At times, even google maps stop working. In such cases, you need to pull up to a local and ask this question. They will know best where there is a pump and will give you the right directions. However, you must never end up in this place. Always keep your car filled.

2. Why Should I Pay A Fine?

Translation: Zašto da platim kaznu?

Different countries have different rules. You might end up doing something against the rules, be it internationally or unintentionally. Like, parking in the wrong places or reading the signs incorrectly. In such cases, if an officer asks you to pay a fine, you can politely ask this question. This will allow the locals to understand that you are new to the rules. This will convey your opinions easily and allow you to find a solution with the police regarding proper instructions. Moreover, if you speak Bosnian, it will only be a plus point.

3. I Need A Lawyer

Translation: Treba mi advokat

If anything happens regarding your car or you have been arrested for some unknown reason, immediately use this sentence. You have the right to request a lawyer and sort the situation legally. The people will understand that you need someone of authority to guide you through the situation.

Bosnian Phrases For Emergency - Bosnian police

Theft Emergency

What will you do if there is a robbery? Below are some lists that will help you solve such situations.

1. Call The Police

Translation: Zovi policiju

The first thing that you need to do if there is a robbery is call the police. Use this phrase when you realise you have been robbed, and alert the locals. It will help the locals to be careful and enable them to help you in that situation. For times when something important has been robbed, it is best to scream at the top of your voice.

2. Someone Catch The Thief

Translation: Neko uhvati lopova

If you see the robbers running away, immediately scream and use this phrase. If you are lucky, somebody who is fit and free will immediately run to catch the thieves and help you. If there is any police nearby, it will alert them as well.

More Emergency Phrases In The Bosnian Language

Can I use your phone?Mogu li koristiti tvoj telefon?
Can you drop me to the hospital?Možete li me odvesti u bolnicu?
Where is the police station?Gdje je policijska stanica?
Do you know someone here?Poznajete li nekoga ovdje?
Can you please guide me?Možete li me uputiti?
I need some cashTreba mi novac
Can I ask you a question?Mogu li ti postaviti pitanje?

General Emergency Phrases

Since we are learning so many phrases in today’s lesson, here is a small list of phrases that will help you in general emergencies like meeting someone new, making small talk with your colleague, or conversing with a vendor. Even awkward situations become an emergency sometimes. So, help yourself with some common phrases to save your day. Check out Greetings in Bonsian for detailed learning.

Hello! How are you?Zdravo! kako ste
Nice to meet youDrago mi je
Sorry/ excuse meZhao mee yeh
How much is this?Koliko je ovo?
Can you reduce the priceMožete li smanjiti cijenu?
What is your name?Kako se zovete?
Can you please assist me?Možete li mi pomoći?
Good day to youDobar dan
Do you speak English?Govorite li engleski
I don’t understandNe razumijem
Thank you/ You’re welcomeNe zahvaljujem vam/ Nema na čemu/

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