January 6, 2021
Vietnamese Tones

6 Vietnamese Tones And How To Pronounce Them Correctly

Vietnamese is a tonal language. It means that you need to learn how to pronounce Vietnamese tones correctly as the tones play an important role in […]
January 6, 2021
What Language Is Spoken In Serbia

What Language Is Spoken In Serbia?

What language is spoken in Serbia? This is not a very easy question since there are many minorities whose language is only official in some regions. […]
January 4, 2021

How To Say I Don’t Know In French

If you’re going to France (or are currently there) and suddenly a French approaches you, saying something that sounds totally incomprehensible, how would you respond? If […]
January 4, 2021
Vietnamese colors

Useful Vietnamese Colors And Their Meaning

Learning Vietnamese colors helps you describe everything around you in Vietnamese and make your stories more interesting. In addition, in different countries, colors have different meanings […]
January 4, 2021

How to Say Happy New Year In Malay

If you’re in Malaysia and about to celebrate the coming of a new year, you should know how Malaysians, as a part of the Southeast Asian […]
January 3, 2021
32 Easy Italian Greetings

32 Easy Italian Greetings

Italy is a country of culture, beauty, and passion. Due to this, several people are interested in adding this dreamy place to their bucket lists. Now, […]
December 31, 2020
Currency in The Philippines: 5 Easy Tips To Know

Currency In The Philippines: 5 Easy Tips To Know

If this is your first time to visit a foreign country, it is recommended for you to plan not only your itinerary but also the amount […]
December 30, 2020
Learning to speak Serbian

Learn To Speak Serbian Trough 4 Funny Levels

It takes a lot of effort and dedication to learn to speak the Serbian language, so we give you some levels that will help you at […]
December 29, 2020
Most Common Thai Words

50 Most Common Thai Words

Ever wondered which words you say the most? The answer might surprise you, as there are some words that you often overlook. Languages like Thai and […]