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How To Read Time And Date In Albanian: 10 Easy Tips

June 15, 2021
Thanks to the previous blog on common Albanian numbers, you may already know how cardinal and ordinal numbers look and how...

10 Most Popular Drinks In Serbia

June 14, 2021
Every country in the world has its own taste and smell, not only when it comes to food but also...

Slovak Alphabet And Spelling: #1 Explained In Easy Way

June 9, 2021
In this blog post, I will try to teach you Slovak Alphabet And Spelling in the most simple possible way. ...

3 Best Ways To Say Cheers In Albanian

June 8, 2021
If you have decided to travel to Albania this summer and still don't know how to say cheers in Albanian,...

2 Best Ways To Write Letters Or Emails In Serbian

June 7, 2021
Hello, how are you, my dear students. This time, I decided to write something about how to write letters or...

10 Ways To Wish Someone Happy Birthday In Slovak

June 4, 2021
If you have a friend or family member from Slovakia and would like to know how to say Happy Birthday...

Common Albanian Numbers: 2 Most Important Groups

May 31, 2021
When we are talking about numbers in Albanian, they occupy the vast majority of the Albanian population's daily lives. If...

Serbian Sentence Structure: 5 Useful Information

May 31, 2021
I know that Serbian sentence structure is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about learning the...

150 Useful Words About Transportation In Slovak

May 26, 2021
Whether you are going on an exciting road trip through Slovakia or just catching the plane, the words about transportation...
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