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Vietnamese Language History In A Nutshell: 3 Useful Points

June 6, 2021
The Vietnamese language history started a very long time ago. The language reflects the changes in Vietnamese history and culture...

Vietnamese Alphabet & How To Pronounce Them: #1 List

May 31, 2021
Learning the Vietnamese alphabet and how to write it correctly is one of the main elements of learning the language....

80 Useful Vietnamese Phrases For Travel

May 22, 2021
When traveling in Vietnam, you can have a fantastic experience with local people if you can communicate with them in...

110 Common Vietnamese Verbs By Topics (Free Ebook)

May 15, 2021
Verbs are essential parts of a language. They help you describe what you are doing, what you want other people...

Vietnamese Numbers And Counting From 1 To A Million

May 9, 2021
We use a lot of numbers in our daily life, such as asking for prices, ordering food, reading a house...

Ways To Say You're Welcome In Vietnamese

May 2, 2021
When you help someone do something, they will thank you to show their appreciation for your help. It is also...

13 Vietnamese Question Words You Need To Know

May 1, 2021
Knowing how to ask a question in Vietnamese can help you get information and help from local people when you...

Vietnamese Vocabulary For Family

April 16, 2021
If you are invited to visit a Vietnamese family, you might be overwhelmed when people call their family members with...

How To Read Vietnamese Addresses

April 13, 2021
When you travel to Vietnam, you may need to find different places to visit or tell the driver the address...
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