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If you’re planning to head to Greece for vacation, it is very important that you explore a bit of the local language, especially how to say some countries and nationalities in Greek. If you want to learn all that and more, keep reading below!  Greece is one of the most visited countries in the world, […]

I’ve been traveling all across the globe, and the first thing I get asked in any country is, “Where are you from?”It is funny how people love to know where it is that you call home, and Portuguese people are no different.  I’m actually Portuguese, and I kind of look Portuguese, so people assume it […]

The Serbian calendar is a mish-mash of multiple cultural influences and is an integral part of Serbian culture and identity. The official calendar is a combination of several calendars, including the Julian calendar, the Gregorian calendar, the Jewish calendar, the lunar calendar, and the Serbian Orthodox Church calendar. In this blog, we will explore the […]

Are you planning on traveling to Ukraine soon or moving to Ukraine? If so, there are some basic words and phrases you should know. Clothing vocabulary in Ukrainian is definitely one of them! After all, you don’t want to ask for a sweater only to be handed a pair of jeans! If you’re interested in […]

Like learning any foreign language, mastering Tagalog requires time and effort. So, if you’re wondering how long does it take to learn Tagalog, the answer depends on your enthusiasm for learning and the actions you’re willing to take to achieve results. Let me guide you through the process of learning more about the Tagalog language. […]

Let’s talk about Serbian geography! Serbia is a fascinating landlocked country located in the Balkan region of southeastern Europe. It’s a melting pot of central and southern Europe, making it a crucial crossroads of cultures and history. Serbia shares its borders with eight neighboring countries, including Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, North […]

The Serbian media landscape has undergone significant changes over the years, reflecting the country’s complex political and social dynamics. From the time of state-controlled media during the Yugoslav era to the current challenges of media freedom and digital transformation, the Serbian media sector has played a crucial role in shaping public opinion and democracy in […]

Do you want to spend this holiday season in Poland? Poland is a beautiful country to visit for vacation or to live long-term, but your travels will be even better if you learn Polish beforehand, that way you can talk to locals! And, of course, if you’re going for the holidays, you should know how […]

If you want to improve your language skills, especially when it comes to listening, the Chatterbug app is an excellent choice. With its wide range of Live lessons available for later viewing, as well as flashcard-based vocabulary learning, Chatterbug offers a language-learning experience that combines the personal touch of one-on-one coaching with self-study. By incorporating […]

Have you ever been to Serbia or even heard of the place? Can you read or understand what the Serbs are talking about? Of course, if you are not familiar with the country you will not also be familiar with the Serbian Alphabet or Language. For now, you do not have to worry about it, […]

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