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I’ve been traveling all across the globe, and the first thing I get asked in any country is, “Where are you from?”It is funny how people love to know where it is that you call home, and Portuguese people are no different.  I’m actually Portuguese, and I kind of look Portuguese, so people assume it […]

Are you planning on traveling to Ukraine soon or moving to Ukraine? If so, there are some basic words and phrases you should know. Clothing vocabulary in Ukrainian is definitely one of them! After all, you don’t want to ask for a sweater only to be handed a pair of jeans! If you’re interested in […]

Have you ever been to Serbia or even heard of the place? Can you read or understand what the Serbs are talking about? Of course, if you are not familiar with the country you will not also be familiar with the Serbian Alphabet or Language. For now, you do not have to worry about it, […]

Fancy becoming fluent in Bosnian? Aside from knowing the basic greetings, it’s a great idea to count like a kid again! Here is the number one free guide to Bosnian numbers and counting you’ll need. In any language, basic phrases and sentences are vital to practicing your mind to think in your target language. Especially […]

Have you tried copying Japanese characters and become lost along the way? How about learning one of the known complex languages like Chinese as an English speaker? Let’s find out how a few lessons of LingoDeer will make you fluent in this Lingodeer review. It’s not surprising that classes for learning Asian languages are always […]

The market is chock-full of Language-learning websites and apps that boldly guarantee fluency in free or four weeks or promise to reveal the secret to “learning a language like a child”. However, in most cases, their promises turn out to be empty. So, it can happen that you end up spending time and money in […]

So, you’re coming to Serbia and still don’t know how to say cheers in Serbian? You should take some notes on which words you need to learn before going to a restaurant, bar, or Serbian home. If you plan on traveling to this beautiful country, it’s important for you to know a few of their […]

Are you thinking about moving to Serbia? Perhaps there is a tempting job opportunity, or you might simply be wondering about life and work culture in Serbia. Well, we don’t blame you. Serbia’s economy has grown significantly in recent years. The high level of foreign investment in this southeastern European country is a significant factor […]

Are you planning an adventure in a foreign country? Now is the best time for you to consider some of the best festivals in Serbia and get yourself totally immersed in the country’s rich culture. If you want to be part of the young crowd and are interested in attending music festivals, watching a classic film, and […]

Every day, a large number of people in Serbia use Serbian Slang expressions, most often in the simple conversations, they have with friends, family, or acquaintances. Not many of them are aware of the large number of words that belong to jargon. If you have the “special someone” to talk on Serbian or plan to […]

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