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What makes learning with Ling special

Interactive exercises

Improve your pronunciation by starting a conversation with our app’s interactive chatbot

Engaging activities

Practice your skills with mini-games and track your progress with fun quizzes

Mix of languages

Choose from over 60 languages, both big and small, and listen to audio from native speakers

Proven results

Backed by linguistic research, our learning methods can help you achieve fluency in record time

Master 4 language skills in 10 minutes a day

2 minutes to learn new vocabulary

Select a language, lesson, and topic of study to start learning vocabulary and grammar

3 minutes to review

Match the image with the word, sort and rearrange the sentences

5 minutes to test your listening skills

Listen to the conversation between two native speakers, then fill in the blanks of their conversation accordingly


Did that seem too easy? Don’t worry, Ling offers lessons for all 5 language levels, from beginner to advanced

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